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Fri May 24 03:10:24 2019

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Title18XEEM (view sites with similar title)
Description Preview Subscribe Shop HA&DN About Contact Advertise Jan 11 2012 How to Shake Hands by HmongMen.com Features No Responses Being Hmong you have to shake EVERYONES hand. From personal experience, Hmong people have some of the worst handshakes ever. You...
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Twitter @18xeem
18XEEM is a cultural magazine with topics ranging from music, fashion, art, and history.
support Hmong rights! sign this petition or retweet http://tinyurl.com/4y7g4ca
Facebook pages/Cedarburg-WI/18XEEM/10778025828

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18XEEM. Preview. Subscribe. Shop. HA&DN. About. Contact. Advertise. Jan 11 2012. How to Shake Hands by HmongMen.com.
Features. No Responses Being Hmong you have to shake EVERYONES hand. From personal experience, Hmong people have some of the worst handshakes ever. You would think the culture would have mastered this technique by now.
Unfortunately, first impressions are lasting impressions, and quite a bitch if i dont say so myself. It only takes a couple seconds for another person to evaluate and square you up. That is why the handshake is so important. Your handshake defines who you are.
I am involved with the military and do a lot of advocacy with non-profits. I have shaken hands with the average Joe, to politicians, high ranking officers, and even entrepreneurs and millionaires. So i have had my fair share of handshakes. Are you a Limp Fish or are you Confident. Unfortunately I encounter more of the Limp Fish when meeting Hmong people.
There are three keys to a successful ...

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  133. A Survey of Hmong New Years
  134. What’s Your Story?
  135. Hmong Leader General Vang Pao dies in Clovis, California
  136. Subscription and Publication Update
  137. Happy Holidays
  138. 24th Annual Educational Conference hosted by HSSO
  139. The GVP Phenomenon
  140. Introducing our Winter 2010 – Issue 05
  141. An Interview with Yia Mua “The Bull”
  142. Rock & Rose Fashion Show Benefit Event
  143. Suffusion
  144. WordPress theme
  145. Sayontan Sinha
  146. winrar 3 download
  147. serial corel draw 11
  148. photo shop

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