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Applied Science University

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Welcome to Applied Science University. The largest Private Higher Education University in Jordan. ASU goes back in history to more than twenty years; it encompasses nine colleges and twenty seven specializations; it includes studies centers and has a sister hospital and a school. Its teaching staff amounts to three hundred and nineteen serving 8,000 enrolled students. The University of Applied Science in Shafa Badran area within the Greater Amman Municipality on a piece of land (356) acres. The University follows the Arab Company for International Education Investment. The study began at the university as of 19/10/1991, after obtaining a license as of 10/07/1989, and the number of students enrolled at the time (396) students, and the number of colleges, which began the study three faculties, namely Arts and Sciences and the economy, and included (14) majors. Now, would include the University (9) nine colleges, is the Arts and Humanities, and Law and Economics and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences, and information technology, nursing, arts and design. The number of disciplines taught by these schools (27) majors at the undergraduate level, in addition to the master's program in accounting. At the University Dean for Student Affairs and other scientific research and graduate studies. And enrolled at the university about (8000) students belong to approximately (50) Arab countries, Islamic and foreign. The number of faculty members for the academic year 2009/2010 (319) members, of whom (229) as a member of PhDs, whereas the number of scholarships now (33) scholarship for a doctoral degree from the universities of Arab, Asian, European and U.S. are different. The total area of the university buildings around (120) thousand square meters, spread over eight buildings of the faculties of the Academy, and the building of the university president and the registration of students, and the building of the Public Library in the university, which exceeded its stock of books, scientific,

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