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Sun Aug 18 15:32:13 2019

Information about: abckid.org
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TitleABCKID (view sites with similar title)
Description ABCKID ? Home About Us Our Process Retirement Plans Partners Kids Business Club Contacts ajay kumar Piyush harish sharma jitendra kumar ramtest Sher khan mayank jain Alero Justin ABC Financial Literacy Project The staff...
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Twitter @abcflp
ABC Financial Literacy Project Helps your child to get the education that you've always dreamed of. Sign-up today to ask for a sponsorship. 855-4-123-ABC
Find out some great tips to help you with saving and investing http://t.co/ynNRxxJO
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ABCKID. ABCKID. Home About Us. Our Process. Retirement Plans. Partners. Kids Business Club.
Contacts. ajay kumar. Piyush. harish sharma. jitendra kumar. ramtest. Sher khan. mayank jain.
Alero. Justin.ABC financial literacy Project. The staff at ABC financial literacy Project Understands Financial stability is essential to a child's success.
Question: "What do ALL GOOD RESPONSIBLE parents want to give their children the most?" Answer:
A good education! A recent survey shows that one-third of the Chinese families begin to set up plans for their children's education even before they are born.
(As reported by the Shanghai Morning Post). Unfortunately, approximately 75% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 89% of teens want to make their money grow and they really do want to save money, but don't know how. The majority of us learn about finances by trial and error and the fastest growing bankruptcy age groups are under 25 and over 65 (Boston Globe).
The ABC financial literacy Project has ...

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445358 2013-05-15
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596957 2013-04-01
969644 2013-03-15

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