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Wed May 22 04:52:31 2019

Information about: acc.org.bt
Popularity/access rank: Site number 22 (.bt extension); 862173 (global rank)

Acc information:

Titlewww.acc.org.bt | "If you care, you will dare"
Address http://www.acc.org.bt Add this site to your favorite list
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Acc Summary

www.acc.org.bt | "If you care, you will dare" <? // Google analytics?> <? //Google Translation ?>
Home. About ACC Royal Kasho. ACC Standards. Vision/Mission. Ethical Code of Conduct. Organogram.
ACC Logo. Who is Who. Legislation Legislation News. Gift Restriction Rule. Debarment Rules.
Executive Order. Asset Declaration Rule. AC ACT 2011. AC ACT 2006 AC ACT 2006 (English) AC ACT 2006 (Dzongkha)
Protocols Asset Verification Protocols Asset Verification Protocols. Executive Order. System Study Protocol.
Know your Anti-Corruption Law. Prevent Corruption Prevention News. System Studies Mines Mineral Management System.
Rural Timber Allotment System. Systemic Study for Refundable and Non-Revenue Deposits and Management thereof.
Systems Study for Implementation of HIV/AIDS Program. Corruption Prevention Tools Corruption preventive tools towards GNH.
Managing Conflict of Interest. Case Studies. Online Asset Declaration. Integrity Pact. Publication National Anti-Corruption Strategic Framework.

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862173 2013-05-15

Server IP of acc.org.bt: (hosted by DrukNet, Bhutan Telecom)
Domain extension: .bt (list top sites in Bhutan)

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  1. Home
  2. About ACC
  3. Royal Kasho
  4. ACC Standards
  5. Ethical Code of Conduct
  6. Organogram
  7. ACC Logo
  8. Who is Who
  9. Legislation
  10. Gift Restriction Rule
  11. Debarment Rules
  12. Executive Order
  13. Asset Declaration Rule
  14. AC ACT 2011
  15. AC ACT 2006
  16. AC ACT 2006 (Dzongkha)
  17. Protocols
  18. Asset Verification Protocols
  19. System Study Protocol
  20. Know your Anti-Corruption Law
  21. Prevent Corruption
  22. System Studies
  23. Mines Mineral Management System
  24. Rural Timber Allotment System
  25. Systemic Study for Refundable and Non-Revenue Deposits and Management thereof
  26. Systems Study for Implementation of HIV/AIDS Program
  27. Corruption Prevention Tools
  28. Managing Conflict of Interest
  29. Case Studies
  30. Online Asset Declaration
  31. Integrity Pact
  32. Publication
  33. National Anti-Corruption Strategic Framework
  34. Integrity Assessment Report, 2009
  35. Corruption Perception Survey
  36. Investigation
  37. Investigation Info
  38. Events
  39. Training Workshop
  40. TV spots and Radio spots
  41. Guiding Materials
  42. Assessing Performance
  43. FAQ
  44. Webmail
  45. OPA
  46. A Session with the 7th Batch of De-Suups (Guardians of Peace and Harmony)
  47. NACC delegation visit
  48. Compliance Report of Asset Declaration (AD) for the year 2012
  49. view
  50. AD Status
  51. AD Rule
  52. AD Form (Eng)
  53. AD Form (Dzo)
  54. Library
  55. Web Archive
  56. General Announcement
  57. Notification
  58. Tender
  59. Vacancy
  60. Bhutan Portal
  61. Ministry of Finance
  62. Office of the Attorney General
  63. Royal Audit Authority
  64. Royal Civil Service Commission
  65. National Land Commission

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