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Mon Apr 23 15:55:28 2018

Information about: africanleadershipacademy.org
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TitleAfrican Leadership Academy | Developing the next generation of African leaders (view sites with similar title)
Description The Academy is a world-class, pan-African secondary institution that aims to educate and develop outstanding students into principled, ethical leaders for Africa.
KeywordsAfrican Leadership Academy, Academic Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship Training, Skill Development, Leaders Africa, High School, Pan-African, University, Private School, Scholarships, College Africa, Johannesburg, South African, Entrepreneur Education, University Placement, Youth Development, Human Capital, Talent, young students
Address http://www.africanleadershipacademy.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @ALAcademy
African Leadership Academy seeks to transform Africa by identifying, developing, & connecting the continent's next generation of leaders.
Listen to ALA co-founder, @achaleke discussing Africa's leadership deficit and what can be done to fix it. http://t.co/ZwU2SVuhRD
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Africanleadershipacademy Summary

african leadership academy | Developing the next generation of African leaders. Finding Future Leaders: Africa Beyond Seeing Potential Young Leaders.
Admission Officers. Anzisha Prize. Partnerships. Applying to ALA Steps. Fees Financial Assistance.
Nominate a Student. Building the Foundation: The Academy Years Building the Foundation World-Class Curriculum Academic Results.
Discussion Based Courses. Case Learning Program. LEA Curriculum. Culminating Project. Amazing Teachers.
Residential life Student activities/clubs. Advisor Groups Houses. Spiritual. Health and Wellness.
Dining Services. Supervised Trips. Athletics and Fitness. Universities and Careers Information for Potential Students.
Information for Admissions Officers. The Academy Milestones. Our Campus Campus Map. Library.
Science Labs. leadership Team. Governance Board of Trustees. Global Advisory Council. Our Young leaders africa's Finest Young Leaders.
In Their Own Words. Gap Year Program Gap Year Admissions. Gap Year Students. Gap Year ...

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866873 2013-05-15
670964 2013-05-01
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619953 2013-04-01
675982 2013-03-15
755357 2013-01-30
374194 2013-01-08
875861 2008-12-23

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  1. English
  2. Français
  3. Português
  4. Finding Future Leaders: Africa Beyond
  5. Young Leaders
  6. Admission Officers
  7. Anzisha Prize
  8. Partnerships
  9. Applying to ALA
  10. Steps
  11. Fees Financial Assistance
  12. Nominate a Student
  13. Building the Foundation: The Academy Years
  14. World-Class Curriculum
  15. Academic Results
  16. Discussion Based Courses
  17. Case Learning Program
  18. LEA Curriculum
  19. Culminating Project
  20. Amazing Teachers
  21. Residential life
  22. Student activities/clubs
  23. Advisor Groups Houses
  24. Spiritual
  25. Health and Wellness
  26. Dining Services
  27. Supervised Trips
  28. Athletics and Fitness
  29. Universities and Careers
  30. Information for Potential Students
  31. Information for Admissions Officers
  32. The Academy
  33. Milestones
  34. Our Campus
  35. Campus Map
  36. Library
  37. Science Labs
  38. Leadership Team
  39. Governance
  40. Board of Trustees
  41. Global Advisory Council
  42. Our Young Leaders
  43. Africa's Finest Young Leaders
  44. In Their Own Words
  45. Gap Year Program
  46. Gap Year Admissions
  47. Gap Year Students
  48. Gap Year FAQs
  49. Global Scholars Program
  50. Global Scholars Admissions
  51. Global Scholars FAQs
  52. Student Projects
  53. Powerful Connections
  54. Guest Speakers
  55. Experts-in-Residence
  56. Mentorship
  57. Enroll at ALA
  58. FAQs
  59. Nurturing the Network: Lifelong Engagement
  60. Lifelong Network
  61. Contact ALA
  62. Alumni
  63. Africa Careers Network
  64. Alumni News
  65. Chapters
  66. List Chapters
  67. Keep Informed
  68. Events Conferences
  69. Conferences
  70. Accommodation
  71. Accommodation [FR]
  72. Facilities
  73. Booking
  74. ALA launches Africa Careers Network
  75. Words from ALA’s First College Graduate – Madelle Kangha
  77. ABOUT US
  79. Our Impact
  81. www.alasummer.org
  82. brochure.
  83. won the $10,000 Kathryn Davis Prize for Peace
  84. here
  85. come together through crowd funding
  86. Twitter
  87. http://t.co/rdALfmxI
  88. ALA Professional Development Gathering
  89. ALA Community Day
  90. Jay Naidoo (Guest Speaker)
  91. Edith Jibunoh (Executive Seminar)
  92. Faculty Professional Development Session
  93. View all Events
  94. View Gallery
  95. See video
  96. Donate
  97. News
  98. Newsletter Sign-up
  99. Careers
  100. Site Map
  101. Sign In
  102. Privacy Policy
  103. Site Credits

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