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TitleAlabama Unified Judicial System -- judicial.alabama.gov (view sites with similar title)
Description Home Appellate Courts Law Library Administrative Office of Courts AOC Home Publications UJS Portal Links Quick links ADA Accommodations Request Child Support Disbursements Conferences and Training eFiling Information eForms Family Court Helpdesk/SHARK...
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Alabama Unified Judicial System judicial.alabama.gov. Home. Appellate Courts. Law Library.
Administrative Office of. Courts. AOC Home. Publications. UJS Portal. Links. Quick links.
ADA Accommodations Request. Child Support Disbursements. Conferences and Training. eFiling Information.
eForms. Family Court. Helpdesk/SHARK. Human Resources. Interpreters. Municipal Courts.
Passport (SJIS) Specialty Courts. Traffic Services Center. Conferences. AOC on the Road.
2012 UJS Calendar. 2013 UJS Calendar. Human Resources Forms. Immigration Compliance. Job Openings.
Employee Verification - Affidavit and MOU. Court Referral Officers. Drug Court Map. Educational Programs.
Educational Programs Map. Section Links. Contact Information. Administrative Office of Courts.
300 Dexter Ave. Montgomery, Al 36104. 1-866-954-9411. (334) 954-5000. The Administrative Office of Courts, in conjunction with the Alabama State.
Bar Leadership Class and a Task Force of Bar Leadership Alumni Class ...

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Expand Conferences and Training
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Local County Information - Circuit & District Courts
Local County Information - Circuit & District Courts
2012 Statewide Court Cost Study is Complete
2012 Statewide Court Cost Study is Complete
Filings and Disposition Trends
Filings and Disposition Trends
State & County Distribution Charts
State & County Distribution Charts
On-Demand Trial Court Records
On-Demand Trial Court Records

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  1. Home
  2. Appellate Courts
  3. Law Library
  4. Administrative Office of Courts
  5. Publications
  6. UJS Portal
  7. Links
  8. ADA Accommodations Request
  9. Child Support Disbursements
  10. eFiling Information
  11. eForms
  12. Family Court
  13. Helpdesk/SHARK
  14. Interpreters
  15. Municipal Courts
  16. Passport (SJIS)
  17. Traffic Services Center
  18. Conferences
  19. 2012 UJS Calendar
  20. 2013 UJS Calendar
  21. Human Resources Forms
  22. Job Openings
  23. Employee Verification - Affidavit and MOU
  24. Court Referral Officers
  25. Drug Court Map
  26. Educational Programs
  27. Educational Programs Map
  28. Local County Information - Circuit & District Courts
  29. courtcoststudy@alacourt.gov
  30. ujswebsite@alacourt.gov
  31. Click here to view Reports
  32. Filings and Disposition Trends
  33. Comparison of Preliminary Filings
  34. AlaFile.com
  35. On-Demand Trial Court Records
  36. Alapay.com
  37. iCivics
  38. Legal Disclaimer

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