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Wed Feb 21 05:59:43 2018

Information about: arma.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 33569 (.org extension); 865405 (global rank)
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TitleRecords Information Management, Electronic Records, RIM - ARMA International
Category: Reference / Archives / Records Management / Associations
Description ARMA International is the leader and authority on the education of information management issues such as e-mail management, retention schedules and e-discovery laws.
Keywordsarma, arma international, records information management, information management, e-mail management, e-discovery, RIM, content management, document retention, RIM,
Address http://www.arma.org Add this site to your favorite list

Arma - Site Review: ARMA International - Nonprofit professional association and authority on managing records and information. Resources include industry news, regulatory and legal updates, standards and best practices, member network, bookstore and education.

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Arma Summary

records information management, Electronic Records, rim - arma International. General Information.
Overview. What is rim? rim FAQs. Leadership. Board of Directors. Executive Officers.
Staff Contacts. Governance. Mission, Vision, Values. Governance Policies and Procedures.
Code of Professional Responsibility. Strategic Issues* Operating Plan* Board Minutes/Reports*
State of the Association* Election Information* Chapters Regions. Chapter Leadership Directory.
Region Leadership Directory. Leadership Resources** Chapter Listing. Awards. Awards.
Cobalt Award. Educational Foundation. Media Relations. Advertising Information. Member Benefits.
Membership Applications. New Application. Renewal Application* Industry Member Application.
LINC Application. Networking Opportunities. arma iConference. Social Media Sites. Chapter Leadership Directory.
Volunteer Opportunities. Task Forces. Officer Candidate Application* Code of Professional Responsibility.
What is rim? ...

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Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
865405 2013-05-15
733830 2013-05-01
898324 2013-04-15
870172 2013-04-01
718908 2013-03-15
782576 2013-03-01
792139 2013-02-15
660734 2013-01-30
921583 2013-01-08
734662 2012-11-17
813938 2011-12-06
818093 2011-08-13
828529 2010-06-10
550136 2009-05-28
520909 2008-12-23

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Domain extension: .org (list top sites in .org (Non-Profit Organization))

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  1. Overview
  2. What is RIM?
  3. RIM FAQs
  4. Board of Directors
  5. Staff Contacts
  6. Mission, Vision, Values
  7. Governance Policies and Procedures
  8. Code of Professional Responsibility
  9. Strategic Issues*
  10. Chapter Leadership Directory
  11. Region Leadership Directory
  12. Leadership Resources**
  13. Awards
  14. Cobalt Award
  15. Educational Foundation
  16. Media Relations
  17. Advertising Information
  18. Member Benefits
  19. New Application
  20. Renewal Application*
  21. Industry Member Application
  22. LINC Application
  23. ARMA iConference
  24. Social Media Sites
  25. Task Forces
  26. Officer Candidate Application*
  27. Washington Policy Brief
  28. Canadian Policy Brief
  29. Global Policy Brief
  30. Standards Best Practices
  31. Glossary of RIM Terms
  32. Information Management magazine
  33. Buyers Guide
  34. InfoPro Online*
  35. RIMinder Newsletter
  36. Newswire
  37. Hot Topic
  38. Professional Competencies
  39. Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles ®
  40. Training Programs
  41. Podcasts
  42. RIM Promotion Materials
  43. RIM 101
  44. Job Search
  45. Risk Assessments
  46. Facilitator Resources
  47. Information Overload Blog
  48. Young Professional Resources
  49. New Releases
  50. Product Search
  51. View Order Status
  52. FAQs
  53. Update Profile
  54. Change
  55. View Recent Purchases
  56. Contact Us
  57. Privacy Policy
  58. Account Preferences
  59. Member Directory
  60. Strategic Plan*
  61. ARMA site map
  62. Shopping Basket
  63. upper_left_MER.jpg
  64. Be Prepared: Making Sure Your Business Records Can Withstand a Superstorm
  65. Making The Transition from Paper to Electronic Records
  66. 2013 Board of Directors Candidates Announced
  67. Privacy & Security Added to The Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) v3.0 to Provide Cohesive Governance Framework for Legal, Records, Privacy, IT and Business Information Stakeholders
  68. National Archives Promotes Volunteer Archival Opportunities and Resources Nationwide
  69. ARMA International Supports Managing Government Records Directive
  70. Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles Health Checkup
  71. More news ...
  72. ARMA in the News
  73. Best Practices for Leveraging Predictive Technologies
  74. ARMA 2012 Conference Web Seminar Tracks
  75. Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® Needs Assessment Case Study: Using the Cloud to Improve Dismal Scores
  76. Digital Records Conversion Process
  77. Instant Messaging Feature
  78. RIM Training Video
  79. about arma
  80. your membership

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