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Thu Oct 24 03:43:59 2019

Information about: attcnetwork.org

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TitleWelcome to the ATTC Network (view sites with similar title)
Description The ATTC Network continuously strives to improve the quality of addictions treatment and recovery services by facilitating alliances among front line counselors, treatment and recovery services agency administrators, faith-based organizations, policy makers, the health and mental health communities, consumers and other stakeholders. Funded by SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) in October, 2007, for another five years, the ATTC Network takes a unified approach in delivering cutting-edge knowledge and skills in order to develop a powerful workforce—one that truly has the potential to transform the lives of individuals battling the disease of addiction.
Keywordsaddiction, drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, training, education, technology transfer, counselor, treatment, recovery, ATTC, counselors, abuse, Regional Center, science, service, disease, policy-makers
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Twitter @ATTCnetwork
Funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
New Study Suggests Texting Service Doubles Quit-Smoking Rate | Partnership for Drug-Free Kids http://t.co/x66bKVW5cb
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Welcome to the attc Network. | Search the Network. GO.     Who We Are         |  What We Do       
technology transfer. Workforce Development. training and Events. Distance education. Research Translation.
Product Dissemination. Technical Assistance. Systems Change Support.   |  Who We Serve       
Front-line counselors. Clinical Supervisors. Administrators. Students. policy-makers. Educators.
  |  Find an attc        regional centers. National Focus.Area Centers. Network.
Coordinating Office.   |  Quick Links     NIDA/SAMHSA. Blending Initiative. Leadership Initiatives.
Directory of addiction. Studies Programs. Certification Information. Featured Topics. addiction Messenger.
addictionCareers.org. Explore more... > regional centers. > National Programs and Initiatives.
> attc Priority Areas. Learn more... > Featured Topics Library. > Term Master. > educational Opportunities.
Find more... > Resources Publications. > Events. > ...

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  1. ATTC header
  2.     Who We Are      
  3. Technology Transfer
  4. Workforce Development
  5. Training and Events
  6. Distance Education
  7. Research Translation
  8. Product Dissemination
  9. Technical Assistance
  10. Systems Change Support
  11.   |  Who We Serve       
  12. Front-line Counselors
  13. Clinical Supervisors
  14. Administrators
  15. Students
  16. Policy-Makers
  17. Educators
  18. National Focus Area Centers
  19. Network Coordinating Office
  20. NIDA/SAMHSA Blending Initiative
  21. Leadership Initiatives
  22. Directory of Addiction Studies Programs
  23. Certification Information
  24. Featured Topics
  25. Addiction Messenger
  26. AddictionCareers.org
  27. Explore
  28. > National Programs and Initiatives
  29. > ATTC Priority Areas
  30. Learn
  31. > Term Master
  32. > Educational Opportunities
  33. Find
  34. 2012 In My Own Words
  35. SAMHSA
  36. Find us on Facebook
  37. Follow us on Twitter
  38. Join us on LinkedIn
  39. Watch us on YouTube
  40. Watch us on Vimeo
  41. Do you know the vital signs of the addiction treatment workforce?
  42. How can we accelerate the diffusion of evidence-based clinical treatment practices?
  43. Projects Designed to Improve Local, State and Federal Systems
  44. What does it mean to be "recovery-oriented"?
  45. ATTC Training Events Near You
  46. The Science of Alcoholism Made Easy
  47. More ATTC Products Resources
  48. Find Behavioral Health Treatment
  49. Download the latest version FREE from Microsoft
  50. order
  51. Facilitating Cross-System Collaboration: A Primer on Child Welfare, Alcohol and Other Drug Services, and Courts
  52. National Drug IQ Challenge
  53. SAMHSA Newsletter - Winter 2013
  54. Party Planning Tips for an Alcohol-Safe and Drug-Free Holiday Season
  55. National Directory of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs 2012
  56. more...
  57. SAMHSA Headlines for January 31
  58. National Drug Facts Week! Jan 28 - Feb 3
  59. SAMHSA Bulletin: Sharp Rise in Buprenorphine-Related Emergency Department Visits
  60. SAMHSA's 9th Annual Prevention Day - February 4, 2013
  61. Celebrating the Holidays with Recovering Family Members and Friends
  62. Join the eNetwork - Get e-mail alerts from SAMHSA about new publications, observances, and campaigns
  63. National Drug Facts Week 2013
  64. SAMHSA's 9th Prevention Day!
  65. Webinar: HIT for Behavioral Health: What's in it for me?
  66. The Evolution of Addiction Treatment, Los Angeles, CA
  67. 2nd Annual International Conference on Cognitive and Behavioral Psycholog
  68. 2013 National Rx Drug Abuse Summit - Orlando, FL
  69. 42nd National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Conference
  70. Health Disparities Research Conference
  71. American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Annual Conference
  72. National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) Annual Conference
  73. Find Treatment Help
  74. The ATTC Hub
  75. Contact Us
  76. Site Map
  77. Copyright Information
  78. Join Our Email List
  79. Site Developed by KC Web Programmers

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