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Sun Jun 16 20:46:54 2019

Information about: auroracs.lk
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TitleAurora Computer Studies | The new dawn in ICT education in Sri Lanka (view sites with similar title)
Description Aurora Computer Studies, Sri Lanka is the #1 quality course provider for BIT, FIT, MCTS and OCPJP (SCJP).
Keywordsbit, fit, aurora computer studies, auroracs.lk, lanka, sri lanka, mcts, bcs, ocpjp, bachelor of information technology, university of colombo, ucsc, java, php, .Net, C#
Address http://www.auroracs.lk Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @auroracslk
The new dawn in ICT education in Sri Lanka
NEW BIT Sem 1, 2, 3 class schedules added. http://t.co/F3xUY2bxEK
Facebook auroracslk

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Auroracs Summary

aurora computer studies | The new dawn in ICT education in Sri lanka. Web Eng. | java |
C# | php | MYSQL. Home. Courses. Academic. bit. fit. A/L ICT. Professional. bcs.
Vendor Certifications. mcts. ocpjp. Dip. Level. DiIT. DiSE. DiWE. DiGD. IT for Kids.
IT for Kids - L1. IT for Kids - L2. Class Schedule. About us. Our Vision. Model of Teaching.
Our Team. Contact. Contact Us. Locate Us. Loading. bit-ucsc, Semester 2, 4 6 classes (2013 July/Aug batches) starting on March/April, 2013. Class schedules...
bit-ucsc , Semester 1 new week end (Saturday) batch starting on 27 th October 2012. Class schedule...
New batches of ocpjp and mcts , Class Schedule.. Diploma Level Programmes. Diploma in Information Technology.
IT is an essential skill of today, regardless of your profession or field of interest. Following DIIT will boost your IT competency ranging from fundamentals of hardware, effective use of MS Office applications, graphic designing and ...

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602428 2011-08-13

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Domain extension: .lk (list top sites in Sri Lanka)

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  1. YT
  2. SS
  3. TW
  4. FB
  5. Web Eng.
  6. Java
  7. C#
  8. PHP
  9. Home
  10. BIT
  11. FIT
  12. A/L ICT
  13. BCS
  14. MCTS
  15. OCPJP
  16. DiIT
  17. DiSE
  18. DiWE
  19. DiGD
  20. IT for Kids - L1
  21. IT for Kids - L2
  22. Class Schedule
  23. Our Vision
  24. Model of Teaching
  25. Our Team
  26. Contact Us
  27. Locate Us
  28. BIT-UCSC,
  29. Class schedules...

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