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Tue Feb 20 10:42:12 2018

Information about: autonlab.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 24744 (.org extension); 647270 (global rank)
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TitleThe Auton Lab (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Research Groups
Description Auton Lab Home Private Access Auton Intranet About Us People Research Spotlight Research Thrusts Projects Sponsors Jobs Library Animations Papers Talks Technical Reports Tutorials Videos T-Cube Web Interface Downloads Download Registration Datasets...
Address http://www.autonlab.org/autonweb/2.html Add this site to your favorite list

Autonlab - Site Review: The Auton Project - Research on Data Mining, Active Learning and Exploration, Reinforcement Learning for Decision and Control.

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Autonlab Summary

The Auton Lab. Auton Lab Home. Private Access. Auton Intranet. About Us. People. Research Spotlight.
Research Thrusts. Projects. Sponsors. Jobs. Library. Animations. Papers. Talks. Technical Reports.
Tutorials. Videos. T-Cube Web Interface. Downloads. Download Registration. Datasets.
Software. Contact. Contact Us. Browse Auton Content. The Auton Lab.The Auton Lab, part of Carnegie Mellon.
University 's School of Computer.Science , researches new approaches to Statistical Data Mining. It is.
directed by Artur Dubrawski and. Jeff Schneider . We are very interested in the.underlying computer science, mathematics, statistics and AI of detection and.
exploitation of patterns in data. We build practical large-scale deployments of very highly autonomous.
self-improving systems. We gratefully acknowledge funding support from NSF, DARPA, NASA, USDA, CDC, FDA, DHS, DoD, the State of Pennsylvania, other.
agencies, and over a dozen Fortune 500 companies with whom we have collaborated. ...

Popularity Rank of autonlab.org
Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
647270 2013-05-15
734539 2013-05-01
584404 2013-04-15
648077 2013-04-01
971074 2013-03-15
986677 2013-03-01
608892 2013-02-15
455274 2013-01-30
558870 2013-01-08
501124 2012-11-17
489064 2011-12-06
565109 2011-08-13
927577 2010-06-10
305809 2009-05-28
494136 2008-12-23

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Server IP of autonlab.org: (hosted by Carnegie Mellon University)
Domain extension: .org (list top sites in .org (Non-Profit Organization))

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  1. Auton Lab Home
  2. Auton Intranet
  3. People
  4. Research Spotlight
  5. Research Thrusts
  6. Projects
  7. Sponsors
  8. Jobs
  9. Animations
  10. Papers
  11. Talks
  12. Technical Reports
  13. Tutorials
  14. Videos
  15. T-Cube Web Interface
  16. Download Registration
  17. Datasets
  18. Software
  19. Contact Us
  20. Browse Auton Content
  21. Carnegie Mellon University
  22. School of Computer Science
  23. Artur Dubrawski
  24. Jeff Schneider
  25. Change locale
  26. Search
  27. Query Search
  28. Recent Changes
  29. Versions
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