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Tue Apr 24 11:37:54 2018

Information about: bakhresa.com

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TitleBakhresa Group - The Home of AzamAzam Bakhresa Group - Karibu, Welcome to Bakhresa The Home of Azam We make it good, but it’s YOU who makes us GREAT! (view sites with similar title)
Description Azam Tanzania, Azam East Africa, Said Salim Bakhresa, Azam Cola, Azam Soda, Azam Juices, Azam Ice cream, Uhai, Malti, Azam FC, Azam Bakeries and many more
Address http://bakhresa.com/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @BakhresaGroup
Azam is proud to launch its brand new website. For more information & to keep up to date with our latest developments, visit our website.
Facebook pages/AZAM-Bakhresa/187688617983828?fref=ts

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Bakhresa Group - The Home of AzamAzam Bakhresa Group - Karibu, Welcome to Bakhresa The Home of Azam We make it good, but it’s YOU who makes us GREAT!
Home. Sitemap. FAQs. Azam - Africa's No.1 Choice. Home Karibu Tena. Company Profile Our Background.
Azam Worldwide. Chairman’s Message. Management. Mission, Vision, Values. Quality & Safety.
Group Companies Products Services. Agro Commodities. Agro Commodities – India. Agro Commodities – Seychelles.
Agro Processing. Said Salim Bakhresa & Co Ltd. Grain Milling Uganda Limited. Grain Milling Kenya Ltd.
Grain Milling Malawi Ltd. Grain Milling Rwanda Ltd. Milling Mozambique Ltd. Zanzibar Milling Corporation Ltd.
Food & Beverages. Azam – Carbonated Soft Drinks Division. Azam – Ice Cream Division. Azam – Juices Division.
Azam – Water Division. Azam Bakeries Co Ltd. Marine Transport. Azam Marine Co Ltd & Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries Ltd.
Speciality Packaging. Omar Packaging Industries Ltd. Azam Polysack Ltd. Paperkraft International Ltd.

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823890 2011-08-13

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  1. Home
  2. Sitemap
  3. FAQs
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. LinkedIn
  7. YouTube
  8. Company Profile Our Background
  9. Azam Worldwide
  10. Chairman’s Message
  11. Management
  12. Mission, Vision, Values
  13. Quality & Safety
  14. Group Companies Products Services
  15. Agro Commodities
  16. Agro Commodities – India
  17. Agro Commodities – Seychelles
  18. Agro Processing
  19. Said Salim Bakhresa & Co Ltd
  20. Grain Milling Uganda Limited
  21. Grain Milling Kenya Ltd
  22. Grain Milling Malawi Ltd
  23. Grain Milling Rwanda Ltd
  24. Milling Mozambique Ltd
  25. Zanzibar Milling Corporation Ltd
  26. Food & Beverages
  27. Azam – Carbonated Soft Drinks Division
  28. Azam – Ice Cream Division
  29. Azam – Juices Division
  30. Azam – Water Division
  31. Azam Bakeries Co Ltd
  32. Marine Transport
  33. Azam Marine Co Ltd & Kilimanjaro Fast Ferries Ltd
  34. Speciality Packaging
  35. Omar Packaging Industries Ltd
  36. Azam Polysack Ltd
  37. Paperkraft International Ltd
  38. Logistics
  39. SSB Transport Division
  40. SSB Azam ICD Division
  41. Petroleum
  42. Azam Football Club
  43. Azam Plastic Recycling
  44. Brands From A-Z
  45. News & Events Developments
  46. Media Centre Find Out Here
  47. TV Commercials
  48. Careers Opportunities
  49. Environment Keeping Africa Clean
  50. Contact Us Get In Touch
  51. Tweet
  52. PM satisfied by Azam investment
  53. The official opening ceremony of Azam Football stadium sports complex
  54. Launch of the new Kilimanjaro IV
  55. Azam Fruit Juices
  56. Azam Icecream
  57. Azam Cola
  58. UHAI
  59. Azam Milk
  60. Azam Bakery Products
  61. Azam Biscuit Products
  62. SSB Flour
  63. Azam Ice cream
  64. Azam Safina
  65. Azam Soda

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