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Wed Aug 15 04:42:26 2018

Information about: bis.org
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TitleBank for International Settlements
Category: Regional / Europe / Switzerland / Cantons / Basel-City
Society / Government / Finance / Central Banks / Supranational
Society / Government / Multilateral
Description Bank for International Settlements (BIS) home page
KeywordsBIS, BIZ, BRI, BPI, central bank cooperation, finance, financial market, financial stability, monetary stability, central bank, international organisation, international cooperation, banking, banking supervision, economics, economic research
Address http://www.bis.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @BIS_org
The Bank for International Settlements is an international organisation which fosters international monetary and financial cooperation.
CB speech: Chan (HK): Brief remarks on the development of the RMB market - http://t.co/Ns2CJqtFgG

Bis - Site Review: Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - Coordinates regulations in the fields of financial services to promote international financial stability. Publications available include a compendium of documents of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - Coordinates regulations in the fields of financial services to promote international financial stability. Publications available include a compendium of documents of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - Coordinates regulations in the fields of financial services to promote international financial stability. Publications available include a compendium of documents of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

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Bis Summary

Bank for International Settlements. RSS. E-mail alert. Sitemap. FAQ. Contact Log out. Advanced search.
About bis. Overview. Organisation. Board of Directors. Management. Annual General Meeting.
Activities. History. Overview. Former Management. Former Board. bis Chronology. Archive collections.
Conditions for using the archives. Legal information. Administrative Tribunal of the bis (ATBIS)
Hague Arbitral Tribunal. Fraudulent schemes. Shares withdrawal. Representative offices. Americas Office.
Asian Office. Careers. Why join the bis? bis departments. Meet our people. Applying to the bis.
Relocating. Information for partners. Current vacancies. Contact. central bank hub. Overview.
central bank websites. central bankers' speeches. Research hub. Recent additions. by Institution.
by JEL classification. by Author. Search titles and abstract. Research Hub email alert. central bank Governance Forum.
International Journal of central banking. Regulatory authorities and supervisory agencies.
Monetary ...

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93615 2012-11-17
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  1. RSS
  2. Follow us on twitter
  3. E-mail alert
  4. Sitemap
  5. FAQ
  6. Contact
  7. Log out
  8. The Bank for International Settlements
  9. Advanced search
  10. About BIS
  11. Overview
  12. Organisation
  13. Board of Directors
  14. Management
  15. Annual General Meeting
  16. Activities
  17. History
  18. Former Management
  19. Former Board
  20. BIS Chronology
  21. Archive collections
  22. Conditions for using the archives
  23. Legal information
  24. Administrative Tribunal of the BIS (ATBIS)
  25. Hague Arbitral Tribunal
  26. Fraudulent schemes
  27. Shares withdrawal
  28. Representative offices
  29. Americas Office
  30. Asian Office
  31. Careers
  32. Why join the BIS?
  33. BIS departments
  34. Meet our people
  35. Applying to the BIS
  36. Relocating
  37. Information for partners
  38. Current vacancies
  39. Central bank hub
  40. Central bank websites
  41. Central bankers' speeches
  42. Research hub
  43. Recent additions
  44. by Institution
  45. by JEL classification
  46. by Author
  47. Search titles and abstract
  48. Research Hub email alert
  49. Central Bank Governance Forum
  50. International Journal of Central Banking
  51. Regulatory authorities and supervisory agencies
  52. Monetary financial stability
  53. Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
  54. About the Basel Committee
  55. Basel III
  56. Implementation
  57. Publications
  58. Press releases
  59. Speeches
  60. Events
  61. Joint Forum
  62. Working Papers
  63. Newsletters
  64. Comments by BCBS
  65. Committee on the Global Financial System
  66. Fact sheet
  67. Mandate
  68. Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems
  69. Background information
  70. Payment system information
  71. Payment statistics
  72. Glossary of terms
  73. Index of Spanish translations
  74. Index of French translations
  75. Contact CPSS
  76. Irving Fisher Committee
  77. Members
  78. Financial Stability Institute
  79. Events and programme
  80. FSI Connect
  81. Contact FSI
  82. Other BIS-hosted organisations
  83. Banking services
  84. Bank for central banks
  85. Products and services
  86. Financial statements
  87. Publications research
  88. Research at BIS
  89. Annual Report
  90. Quarterly Review
  91. BIS Papers
  92. Committee publications
  93. Conferences
  94. Other publications
  95. Asian Office research
  96. Research papers
  97. Asian research networks
  98. Links
  99. Contacts
  100. Statistics
  101. About BIS statistics
  102. Release calendar
  103. Banking
  104. Consolidated
  105. Commentary on preliminary data
  106. Securities
  107. Derivatives
  108. Regular OTC Derivatives Market
  109. Effective exchange rates
  110. Foreign exchange
  111. External debt
  112. Property prices
  113. Press speeches
  114. BIS management speeches
  115. BIS photo gallery
  116. Embargo area
  117. News archive
  118. "Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision endorses revised liquidity standard for banks"
  119. Summary description of the LCR
  120. Complete set of agreed changes to the Liquidity Coverage Ratio
  121. Basel Committee Charter
  122. Speaking note
  123. audio file
  124. At a glance
  125. Research
  126. Basel Committee
  127. Principles for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting
  128. Christian Noyer to continue as Chairman of BIS Board
  129. BIS appoints Peter Zöllner to head its Banking Department
  130. Basel III: The Liquidity Coverage Ratio and liquidity risk monitoring tools
  131. Statistics on payment, clearing and settlement systems in the CPSS countries - Figures for 2011
  132. Why do firms issue abroad? Lessons from onshore and offshore corporate bond finance in Asian emerging markets
  133. The future of financial globalisation
  134. (BIS Paper)
  135. Global safe assets
  136. The great leveraging
  137. Financial globalisation and the crisis
  138. More...
  139. Stefan Gerlach
  140. Ireland - from crisis to recovery
  141. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile
  142. The Eurozone crisis and its impact on Africa's economy
  143. Basic principles guiding monetary policy in Uganda
  144. Workshop discussing Uganda's Anti Money Laundering Bill
  145. Carlos da Silva Costa
  146. The importance of strengthening European integration to ensure the success of the Portuguese adjustment
  147. The Portuguese economy - structural saving gap and policy options
  148. Amando M Tetangco, Jr
  149. Review of 2012 plus global and domestic developments shaping 2013
  150. Erdem Başçi
  151. Central bank responsibilities, global financial stability and payment systems
  152. Luis M Linde
  153. Spain and the issues facing Europe
  154. Mario Draghi
  155. ECB press conference - introductory statement
  156. Unveiling of the 5 euro banknote of the new Europa series
  157. Duvvuri Subbarao
  158. A revolution in monetary policy
  159. Tiff Macklem
  160. Regearing our economic growth
  161. Yandraduth Googoolye
  162. Corporate governance
  163. H R Khan
  164. Promoting retail investor participation in government bonds
  165. Deepak Mohanty
  166. What should be the framework for monetary policy in future?
  167. G Padmanabhan
  168. Random payment system issues of systemic relevance for the new year
  169. Jaime Caruana
  170. Assessing global liquidity from a financial stability perspective
  171. International monetary policy interactions: challenges and prospects
  172. Claudio Borio
  173. On time, stocks and flows: Understanding the global macroeconomic challenges
  174. Financial inclusion: the role of the Basel Process
  175. summary tables
  176. detailed tables
  177. BIS, ECB and IMF publish third part of Handbook on Securities Statistics
  178. OTC derivatives market activity in the first half of 2012
  179. Improving the BIS international banking statistics
  180. Preliminary international banking statistics at end-June 2012
  181. Financial Instruments: Impairment
  182. Basel III counterparty credit risk and exposures to central counterparties - Frequently asked questions (update of FAQs published in November 2012)
  183. Revisions to the Basel Securitisation Framework - consultative document
  184. Implementation of the Basel III Framework
  185. Upcoming statistics releases
  186. DE,
  187. ES,
  188. FR,
  189. IT
  190. BIS WebStats
  191. Terms and conditions of use
  192. Privacy policy

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