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Wed May 22 04:53:58 2019

Information about: blogdive.com
Popularity/access rank: Site number 282475 (.com extension); 453660 (global rank)
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TitleGet Your Free Wordpress Blog (view sites with similar title)
Description Get Your Free Wordpress Blog Sign Up FAQ Contact Push new blog button and choose an and a subdomain for your blog. to your blog, choose a template and customize your widgets. Start posting and share your new blog with your friends!...
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Get Your Free Wordpress Blog. Get Your Free Wordpress Blog. Sign Up. FAQ. Contact. Push new blog button and choose an and a subdomain for your blog.
to your blog, choose a template and customize your widgets. Start posting and share your new blog with your friends!
WPMU anti-spam experiment. By admin | Posted in spam | Tagged as stop spam , wpmu spam | 01:34.
Instead of captcha, we have added a secret code in the signup form and asked those who need a blog, to contact us first and explain why they need a blog. Those with good reasons will eventually receive the secret code. Yes, this is not a bright idea on the long term since it requires a lot of work from someone who has to answer all the requests, plus frustration from those who want to signup and have to wait for a reply. So just take it as an experiment.
I thought the spammers wont bother with this and they will just move on to other sites, while some legitimate users will probably try to get the code. And, surprise!!! Most of the requests ...

Popularity Rank of blogdive.com
Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
453660 2013-05-15
404592 2013-05-01
290644 2013-04-15
219513 2013-04-01
293669 2013-03-15
414291 2013-03-01
274559 2013-02-15
262948 2013-01-30
263397 2013-01-08
171402 2012-11-17
85585 2011-12-06
434505 2011-08-13
578369 2010-06-10

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Server IP of blogdive.com: (hosted by intergenia AG)
Domain extension: .com (list top sites in .com (Commercial))

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