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Mon May 20 22:44:57 2019

Information about: bumpseo.com
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Bumpseo information:

TitleBumpSEO Blog (view sites with similar title)
Description Home SEO Tools Link Building Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips Subscribe BumpSEO Blog Learning how to Make Money Online, Dominate in Google, Build Your Own List My 10 Secrets of Profiting From Solo Ads by Andrey Bump on October 4, 2012 I dont know...
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Address http://bumpseo.com/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @bumpseo
Internet Marketer, SEO Expert, Author
Как за 3-и дня собрать базу в 550 подписчиков и заработать на этом 12200 руб http://t.co/Zv9jh45I1X
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Bumpseo Summary

BumpSEO Blog. Home. SEO Tools. Link Building. Search Engine Optimization. SEO Tips. Subscribe.
BumpSEO Blog. Learning how to Make Money Online, Dominate in Google, Build Your Own List.
My 10 Secrets of Profiting From solo ads. by Andrey Bump on October 4, 2012.I dont know exactly how many solo ads Ive bought before& probably 100s.
What Im about to tell you comes from EXPERIENCE, not from theory or barely testing something.
Heres how Ive profited with solo ads&[gkp-premium-content] Only buy from solo ad vendors who regularly launch products (because they have buyers lists)
This way you know they have a buyers list& and when youre in contact with them, make sure they also send your ad to their buyers list and not just their freebie list.
Ask vendors if you can buy buyers list-only solo ads or country specific solo ads.When youre in talks about buying a solo ad, see if they sell buyer list only solo ads or country specific solo ads.
Theyll probably be more expensive but you get

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426855 2012-11-17

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