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TitleCancer Research UK: the UK's leading cancer charity : Cancer Research UK (view sites with similar title)
Category: Regional / Europe / United Kingdom / Health / Conditions and Diseases / Cancer
Description Trusted information on all cancer types from the UK's leading cancer charity, news about cancer and how you can help us bring forward the day all cancers are cured
Keywordscharity, cancer, cancer research, cancer research UK, information, donation, donate, fundraise, fundraising, treatment, prevention, risk, science, support, patient
URL http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/home/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @CR_UK
Cancer Research UK pioneers life-saving research to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.
Our @wellcometrust funded Wikipedian in Residence explains how we plan to improve @Wikipedia’s #cancer articles: http://t.co/6FFEmZYDeG
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Cancerresearchuk - Site Review: Cancer Research UK - Some information about cancer. A UK Charity primarily concerned with raising money to fund research.

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cancer Research UK: the UK's leading cancer charity : cancer Research UK. Skip navigation.
HOME. ABOUT cancer. cancer types. Breast cancer. Bowel cancer. Lung cancer. Prostate cancer.
More... cancers in general. What is cancer. Symptoms and screening. Tests. treatment.
Find a trial. Preventing cancer. Smoking. Alcohol. Diet. Obesity. More... cancer statistics.
Key facts. Incidence. Mortality. Survival. More... More about cancer. Coping physically, emotionally, practically.
cancer Chat. support US. donate. Regular donation. Single donation. By cancer type.
Special occasion. More... Events. Race for Life. Relay for Life. Sport challenges. Stand Up To cancer.
More... Volunteer. Volunteer with us. Help at an event. Work in a shop. Find a role near you.
More... Do your own fundraising. fundraising pack. Raise money online. fundraising ideas.
Pay in your money. More... More... Campaign for us. donate in memory. Leave a legacy.

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33159 2013-01-30
37871 2013-01-08
35096 2012-11-17
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45145 2011-08-13
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47288 2009-05-28
70941 2008-12-23

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Cancer Research UK on Google+
Cancer Research UK on Google+
Cancer Research UK on Facebook
Cancer Research UK on Facebook
Cancer Research UK on Twitter
Cancer Research UK on Twitter
Shop online
Shop online
Donate online
Donate online
Stand Up To Cancer
Stand Up To Cancer
Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK
christmas shop
christmas shop
image courtesy of LRI EM Unit
image courtesy of LRI EM Unit
Give & Gift cards
Give & Gift cards
Breast screening
Breast screening
RSS Feed
RSS Feed
Press office
Press office
Read more news
Read more news
Attend events
Attend events
Shop with us
Shop with us
Campaign with us
Campaign with us
More ways to help
More ways to help
Cancer Research UK on Facebook
Cancer Research UK on Facebook
Map icon
Map icon
Email icon
Email icon
Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK
Fundraising Standards Board logo
Fundraising Standards Board logo

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  1. Cancer Research UK on Google+
  2. Cancer Research UK on Facebook
  3. Cancer Research UK on Twitter
  4. CRUK Logo
  5. Shop online
  6. Donate online
  8. Cancer types
  9. Breast cancer
  10. Bowel cancer
  11. Lung cancer
  12. Prostate cancer
  13. Cancers in general
  14. What is cancer
  15. Symptoms and screening
  16. Tests
  17. Treatment
  18. Find a trial
  19. Preventing cancer
  20. Smoking
  21. Alcohol
  22. Diet
  23. Obesity
  24. Cancer statistics
  25. Key facts
  26. Incidence
  27. Mortality
  28. Survival
  29. Coping physically, emotionally, practically
  30. Cancer Chat
  31. Stand Up To Cancer
  33. Regular donation
  34. Single donation
  35. By cancer type
  36. Special occasion
  37. More...
  38. Events
  39. Race for Life
  40. Relay for Life
  41. Sport challenges
  42. Volunteer
  43. Volunteer with us
  44. Help at an event
  45. Work in a shop
  46. Find a role near you
  47. Do your own fundraising
  48. Fundraising pack
  49. Raise money online
  50. Fundraising ideas
  51. Pay in your money
  52. Campaign for us
  53. Donate in memory
  54. Leave a legacy
  55. Corporate partners
  56. Your local shop
  58. Latest cancer news
  59. Search news stories
  60. Search press releases
  61. Science blog 
  62. Podcast
  63. Press office
  64. Public policy
  65. What we think
  66. Working with government
  67. Resources for teachers
  68. Publications
  69. Death rates from ovarian cancer have fallen by
  71. Research we fund
  72. Who and what we fund
  73. Research highlights
  74. Research strategy
  75. How we deliver research
  76. Funding for researchers
  77. Find a grant
  78. How to apply
  79. Application deadlines
  80. Funding committees
  81. Manage a grant
  82. Manage online (eGMS)
  83. Update your profile
  84. Financial FAQs
  85. Manuscript notification
  86. Our progress
  87. Progress on different cancers
  88. Cancer drugs
  89. Radiotherapy
  90. A history of progress
  91. Research jobs and training
  92. Terms and conditions
  93. Drug Development Office
  94. Announcements, awards and events
  95. ABOUT US
  96. What we do
  97. Our story
  98. Research
  99. Information
  100. How we fundraise
  101. Our organisation
  102. How we are governed
  103. Annual Report and Accounts
  104. Annual Review
  105. Our strategy 2009-2014
  106. Contact us
  107. Cancer information nurses
  108. Sign up for e-newsletter
  109. Give feedback
  110. Tell us you have moved
  111. Jobs
  112. How to apply
  113. Internships
  114. enable JavaScript
  115. About breast cancer
  116. Cervical cancer
  117. christmas shop
  118. Shop cards
  119. Shop gifts
  120. Lung cancer cell - image courtesy of LRI EM Unit
  121. Give & Gift cards
  122. Breast screening review
  123. Watch the video
  124. RSS Feed
  125. News digest: Little Stars, health inequalities, exercise and cancer, and more
  126. The shape of the new NHS – two key documents published yesterday
  127. More blog posts
  128. RSS Feed
  129. Press release: Death rates from ovarian cancer have fallen by 20 per cent over last decade
  130. News story: International agreements tackle tobacco smuggling and premature deaths
  131. News story: Drug approval process in Scotland under review
  132. RSS
  133. email a question
  134. Donate
  135. See all ways to donate
  136. Shop with us
  137. Campaign with us
  138. Cancer Research UK on Facebook
  139. Map icon
  140. Email icon
  141. Fundraising Standards Board logo
  142. Terms and conditions
  143. Privacy
  144. Cookies
  145. Accessibility

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