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Sun Aug 19 07:01:06 2018

Information about: carecprogram.org
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TitleCentral Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program (view sites with similar title)
Description Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) is a partnership of ten countries and six multilateral institutions promoting development through regional economic cooperation
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Address http://www.carecprogram.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @CARECProgram
The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) is a partnership of 10 countries and 6 multilateral development partners to promote regional cooperation.
#CAREC Отчет о проделанной работе и Плане работ энергетического сектора. http://t.co/fNcQVcOPy3

Carecprogram Summary

central asia regional economic cooperation (carec) Program. РУССКИЙ | Contact Us | Site Map.
carec Program. carec 2020 Strategic Framework. Governing Structure. carec institute. Development Results.
carec Results Framework. carec Development Effectiveness Review. carec News. carec in the News.
Multimedia. Media Center. carec e-Alert. Contact Information. Partners. carec Countries.
afghanistan. azerbaijan. People's Republic of china. kazakhstan. kyrgyz republic. mongolia.
pakistan. tajikistan. turkmenistan. uzbekistan. Multilateral Institution Partners. asian development bank.
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. International Monetary Fund. Islamic Development Bank.
United Nations Development Programme. World Bank. Sectors. Overall carec Program. Ministerial Conference.
Senior Officials' Meeting. Transport. Transport Sector Coordinating Committee. carec Corridors.
carec Projects—Transport. Studies. Transport-related Events. trade facilitation. Customs Cooperation ...

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  2. Contact Us
  3. Site Map
  4. CAREC Program
  5. CAREC 2020 Strategic Framework
  6. Governing Structure
  7. CAREC Institute
  8. Development Results
  9. CAREC Results Framework
  10. CAREC Development Effectiveness Review
  11. CAREC News
  12. CAREC in the News
  13. Multimedia
  14. Media Center
  15. CAREC e-Alert
  16. Contact Information
  17. Partners
  18. CAREC Countries
  19. Afghanistan
  20. Azerbaijan
  21. People's Republic of China
  22. Kazakhstan
  23. Kyrgyz Republic
  24. Mongolia
  25. Pakistan
  26. Tajikistan
  27. Turkmenistan
  28. Uzbekistan
  29. Multilateral Institution Partners
  30. Asian Development Bank
  31. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  32. International Monetary Fund
  33. Islamic Development Bank
  34. United Nations Development Programme
  35. World Bank
  36. Sectors
  37. Overall CAREC Program
  38. Ministerial Conference
  39. Senior Officials' Meeting
  40. Transport
  41. Transport Sector Coordinating Committee
  42. CAREC Corridors
  43. CAREC Projects—Transport
  44. Studies
  45. Transport-related Events
  46. Trade Facilitation
  47. Customs Cooperation Committee
  48. CAREC Projects—Trade Facilitation
  49. Trade Facilitation-related Events
  50. Energy
  51. Energy Sector Coordinating Committee
  52. CAREC Projects—Energy
  53. Energy-related Events
  54. Trade Policy
  55. Trade Policy Coordinating Committee
  56. CAREC Technical Assistance Projects—Trade Policy
  57. Trade Policy–related Events
  58. Projects
  59. CAREC Projects
  60. Other Key Projects
  61. Events
  62. CAREC countries observe trade reforms in Georgia
  63. CAREC in the spotlight at high-level roundtable discussion
  64. Afghanistan receives transport and energy grants
  65. CAREC members shared their CPMM experience
  66. Kazakhstan officials attended transport workshop
  67. CAREC member countries joined the Revised Kyoto Convention workshop
  68. Turkmenistan prepares to join the World Trade Organization
  69. CAREC Corridor 3 to receive $125 million ADB loan
  70. Kazakhstan, World Bank sign CAREC Corridor 1b road loan agreement
  71. View All
  72. ADB to grant Kyrgyzstan $1M for rehabilitation of Bishkek-Osh road
  73. ADB assistance tops $21.5-B in 2012
  74. CAREC on Twitter
  75. Terms of Use

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