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Tue Aug 21 03:09:03 2018

Information about: chaiwithchaitannya.wordpress.com

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TitleChai with Chaitannya (view sites with similar title)
Description Just another WordPress.com weblog
Address http://chaiwithchaitannya.wordpress.com/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @sandeepsaxena
Now I tweet from @55bio
Welcome to twitter dear @Hasijanaresh . Pls follow me at @55bio as I do not tweet from this account.

Chaiwithchaitannya Summary

Chai with Chaitannya. Chai with Chaitannya.Just another WordPress.com weblog. November 19, 2011 Pissed off at unpluggd.
Posted in Uncategorized at 5:14 pm by chait83.So recently been to this event startup event on startups called unpluggd . There was an element of anxiety since my startup made in the final 10 startups who would be presenting in front of Angles and VC firms.
When short-listed as a finalist I don’t expect the organisers holding a bouquet for me at the entrance, but at least I expect them to turn up before hand at the venue and provide some briefing as to how they have planned the sessions, dos and donts, etc. Well the organiser were themselves late. My queries might be stupid or obvious, but someone from the organisers need to address those.
Well things get delayed in India, that’s the way we Indians are. That’s the way our bureaucracy is, our politicians are and so is the traffic ! It is so easy to blame the whole system for that and we won’t change the way we are. Still no ...

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