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Sun Feb 18 07:15:45 2018

Information about: change.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 22 (.org extension); 1236 (global rank)
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Change information:

TitleChange.org - Start, Join, and Win Campaigns for Change (view sites with similar title)
Category: Society / Activism / Petitions
Description change.org Start a petition Browse petitions or Sign Up to Change.org Use Facebook to connect with friends and mobilize your social network. with Facebook Or, log in with your Change.org account Enter your email address and Change.org...
Address http://www.change.org Add this site to your favorite list

Change - Site Review: Change.org - Enables anyone, anywhere to start a petition, mobilize support, and win change in anything from local concerns to global issues. Includes national press coverage, victories, tools and guides. {English, French, Spanish]

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Change Summary

Change.org - Start, Join, and Win Campaigns for Change. change.org.Start a petition.Browse petitions.
or Sign Up. to Change.org. Use Facebook to connect with friends and mobilize your social network.
with Facebook. Or, log in with your Change.org account.Enter your email address and Change.org
Remember me. Forgot your ? Forgot your ? Send yourself a reset message and then check your inbox.
Email.Or, log in with your Change.org account. Or, log in with Facebook. or. Create an Account.
By joining, you accept Change.org's terms of service and privacy policy . Signing up as an organization?
Click here to sign up as an admin for your organization’s profile. The world’s petition platform.
What will you change? Start a petition. Victories.Sprint: Improve policies to keep domestic violence victims safe!
Won with 175,126 supporters.Parents stop Thai bus company airing violent movies.
Won with 397 supporters.Palm ...

Popularity Rank of change.org
Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
1236 2013-05-15
1267 2013-05-01
1150 2013-04-15
1163 2013-04-01
1493 2013-03-15
1274 2013-03-01
1143 2013-02-15
1436 2013-01-30
1417 2013-01-08
1412 2012-11-17
3426 2011-12-06
5069 2011-08-13
11459 2010-06-10
15925 2010-03-07
11637 2009-05-28
38701 2008-12-23

Access traffic rank of change.org (site position)

Server IP of change.org: (hosted by Peer 1 Network)
Domain extension: .org (list top sites in .org (Non-Profit Organization))

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Links found on Change homepage:

  1. change.org
  2. Start a petition
  3. Browse petitions
  4. Popup (/about/terms-of-service)
  5. Popup (/about/privacy)
  6. Click here
  7. Sprint: Improve policies to keep domestic violence victims safe!
  8. Parents stop Thai bus company airing violent movies
  9. Palm oil plantation barred for burning forests
  10. Miguel Montes Neiro pardoned
  11. Army pays victims of poisoned base
  12. France TV agrees to air Paralympics
  13. South African women fight corrective rape
  14. Indonesian president backs police corruption probe
  15. Mother rids US schools of "pink slime"
  16. Firefighters granted government healthcare
  17. Trayvon Martin's parents win justice for their son
  18. Phone company helps domestic violence victims
  19. Down Syndrome student gets to play sports
  20. Filipino college revokes hijab ban
  21. Grieving mom wins ban on dangerous rental cars
  22. Bullied teenager changes "Bully" movie rating
  23. BBC apologizes to working mother
  24. Kids turn the Lorax movie "green"
  25. 13-year-old girl fights for plastic bag ban
  26. Japanese women's soccer team wins equal treatment
  27. Ecuador shuts down ex-gay torture clinics
  28. Indian town stops caste discrimination
  29. School kids protected from impending landslide
  30. Olympic boxers not forced to wear skirts
  31. Saudi women win Clinton’s support for right to drive
  32. Teens get magazine to stop photoshopping models
  33. Indian ends local driving license corruption
  34. Indonesian leader apologises to migrant worker
  35. Companies stop advertising on "shock jock" radio show
  36. The CA State Senate: Pass Senate Bill 594
  37. Flower chain goes fairtrade
  38. Cyclists convince governor to fix Bangkok manholes

site visit date: 2012-11-20 01:19:10
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