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Sat Aug 17 08:50:31 2019

Information about: changinguppakistan.wordpress.com
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TitleCHUP! - Changing Up Pakistan | "Chup," meaning "Hush" in Urdu, aims to raise awareness about the pertinent issues impacting Pakistan. (view sites with similar title)
Description "Chup," meaning "Hush" in Urdu, aims to raise awareness about the pertinent issues impacting Pakistan. (by Kalsoom)
Address http://changinguppakistan.wordpress.com/ Add this site to your favorite list
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CHUP! - Changing Up Pakistan | "Chup," meaning "Hush" in Urdu, aims to raise awareness about the pertinent issues impacting Pakistan.
Home. About. CHUP in the Media. Contribute. Top CHUP Articles. CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan.
"Chup," meaning "Hush" in Urdu, aims to raise awareness about the pertinent issues impacting Pakistan.
Feeds: Posts. Comments. The Comic Book Dudes of Kachee Goliyan. March 13, 2012 by Kalsoom.
When I was younger, I was a fan of comic books. My brother and my shelves were often stacked full of beat-up and leathered Archie Comics, X-Men, Asterix Obelisk, and Calvin Hobbes editions. Our mom earned the nickname Suzy because her short hair resembled Calvin’s snarky and smart-mouthed friend, and though I always wanted to like the good girl Betty, I secretly preferred Veronica because we shared the same hair color (deep, I know). Comics were more than just escapist entertainment, they were characters we knew and loved. But often what was missing were characters we could also ...

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