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Sun Aug 25 16:03:04 2019

Information about: codenameone.com
Popularity/access rank: Site number 181419 (.com extension); 294952 (global rank)
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TitleJava For iPhone - Codename One - Home (view sites with similar title)
Description Codename One brings the ease of creating Java desktop applications to Mobile devices allowing developers to use one code base to build for iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android, Blackberry (RIM), Windows Phone 7 and generic devices (Nokia etc.). Codename one is ope
KeywordsiPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, RIM, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, Java, Swing, Portable, Tablet, Smartphone, RAD
Address http://www.codenameone.com Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @Codename_One
The leading open source cross platform mobile solution and creators of the first on device no coding required app maker
New iOS VM updates, soliciting feedback on new webservices API and more http://t.co/DiL6je0M9p
Facebook CodenameOne

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Codenameone Summary

java For iphone - Codename One - Home. Developer. Get Started. Downloads. Forum/Help. How Do I?...
Docs. Compare. Source Code. Blog. Issues. Server. Products. Products. Services. Training.
About. Press. FAQ. Contact. Terms Of Service. Easily create amazing, fast, native mobile apps using java™ for all platforms!
Limited time offer: get free training with pro subscription. » java Cloud. Use Eclipse/NetBeans to build native mobile apps using the cloud.
java Cloud.Use Eclipse/NetBeans IDE's & our GUI builder. Quick & easy install! Build native apps using our cloud build servers.
Try Now! Free & Open Source. Codename One is open source & free for use! Open Source.
Codename One has an amazing supportive community of developers, it is open source and free for both commercial & non-commercial use!
Community Forum. Fast & Native. java bytecode is translated to native C/ObjC code and compiled using xcode.
Fast & Native.Codename One adapts the code to match the native platform, ...

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Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
294952 2013-05-15
277210 2013-05-01
293969 2013-04-15
306148 2013-04-01
367117 2013-03-15
243685 2013-03-01
174443 2013-02-15
199296 2013-01-30
363501 2013-01-08
309104 2012-11-17

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codenameone.com is linking to those sites:

  1. Developer
  2. Get Started
  4. Forum/Help
  5. How Do I?...
  6. Compare
  7. Source Code
  8. Blog
  9. Issues
  10. Server
  11. Products
  12. Services
  13. Training
  14. About
  15. Press
  16. FAQ
  17. Contact
  18. Terms Of Service
  19. How Does It Work?
  20. Android developer
  21. Swing developer
  22. Executive
  23. Java Developer
  24. e iPhone/iPad, RIM, Android, J2ME
  25. TV Portal Android
  26. ID Bank Android, RIM
  27. Gary Mobile Accessability RIM, Android, J2ME
  28. Seeneema Android, J2ME, RIM, iOS
  29. Naija Lyrics Wiki Android, RIM, J2ME
  30. Talk To Me Android, J2ME, RIM
  31. S2Pay iOS, Android, J2ME, RIM
  32. Permalink
  33. Twitter
  34. Facebook
  35. Google+
  36. YouTube
  37. Linkedin
  38. Codename One API
  39. Codename One Designer
  40. Codename One Plugin >
  41. NetBeans Plugin Installation
  42. Eclipse Plugin Installation
  43. Codename One Simulator
  44. Codename One LIVE!
  45. Codename One Build Server >
  46. Archived Builds
  47. Codename One Cloud
  48. Service API
  49. JavaDoc
  50. Developer Guide
  51. Hello World
  52. Monetization >
  53. vserv
  54. startapp
  55. Inneractive
  56. Zooz
  57. Themeing
  58. Using MultiButton
  59. Signing
  60. Debugging Webservice Calls
  61. Expression Language for JSON and XML
  62. Performance & Network Monitor
  63. Analytics API
  64. Parsing: JSON, XML & CSV
  65. Architecture Of The GUI Builder
  66. Advanced Build
  67. Sources
  68. Newsletter
  69. Resources
  70. Gallery
  71. Support
  72. Search
  73. Team
  74. submit app
  75. Training Contact
  76. Purchase Certificate Have
  77. Purchase Certificate With iOS
  78. Renew Certificate

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codenameone.com site information

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