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Wed Oct 23 18:05:36 2019

Information about: consortiuminfo.org
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TitleConsortiuminfo.org Sponsored by Gesmer Updegrove LLP (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Internet / Organizations
Society / Law / Legal Information / Business and Corporate Law / Antitrust
Description Since 1988, Lucash, Gesmer Updegrove has represented over 45 promotional and standard setting consortia, including many of the largest high technology consortia in the world. In the process, the firm has acquired a great depth of knowledge in how to structure, operate, evolve and eventually dissolve successful consortia in an effective fashion. Although typically the firm works with the founders of a consortium from the earliest stage, we have also frequently been engaged to convert a non-incorporated consortium into a corporate form, or to succeed earlier counsel. We have also been retained by major technology companies to advise them on implementing a standards strategy.
Keywordsconsortium law, standards law, consortia, consortium, standards, standard setting, technology, association, joint venture, cross license, adopter, promoter, alliance, patent cross license, trade association, best practices, specification, open system, open systems, open platform, work group, special interest group, architecture, tax exempt, 501(c)(6), IPR, IPR policy, antitrust, XML, interoperability, conformance, conformance testing, certification, certification testing, test suite
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Consortiuminfo - Site Review: Consortiuminfo.org - The goal of this site is to provide broad and detailed source of information on the Internet regarding standard setting and consortia. Forming a consortium, branding, articles. Lucash, Gesmer & Updegrove, LLP - Consortium Info - Information regarding the setting of technology standards and consortia for implementing them, focusing on open-source software.

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consortiuminfo.org Sponsored by Gesmer Updegrove LLP. Accessibility statement (0) Home Page (1)
Skip over navigation (2) About. Sitemap. consortiumInfo.org. Your online research resource for standards and standard setting.
Home. Blog. Journal. MetaLibrary. Guide. News. Consider This. List. Professional.Services.
Directory. A listing of the law firms, management companies, platform providers and others that support standards organizations.
Useful Links. Subscribe to standards Today. Communications Center. Press Center. Sitemap.
Tools. Text Size: Default Large. RSS Feeds. WELCOME TO. consortiumInfo.org. The goal of consortiumInfo.org is to be the most complete on-line source of.
information about standards and standards development, and to explain the. essential role that standards play in our world today. This site is hosted.
by Gesmer Updegrove LLP, a technology law firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. GU is internationally known for forming and.
representing more of the consortia ...

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  1. Accessibility statement
  2. Home Page
  3. About
  4. Sitemap
  5. Sponsored By GesmerUpdegrove LLP
  6. Blog
  7. Journal
  8. MetaLibrary
  9. Guide
  10. News
  11. Consider This
  12. List
  13. Subscribe to Standards Today
  14. Communications Center
  15. Press Center
  16. Bookmark and Share
  17. here
  18. Andy Updegrove
  19. What Is An 'Open Standard?'
  20. Cumulative Issue Archive
  21. What Does 'Open' Mean?
  22. The Alexandria Project
  23. The U.K. Cabinet Office Solves the Open Standards Policy Conundrum
  24. Ordinary people must have a say in deciding the future of the web
  25. HTML5 Definition Complete, W3C Moves to Interoperability Testing and Performance
  26. After 50 years, Europe gets one patent to rule them all
  27. Help Avoid the EU Unitary Patent Disaster
  28. New national consortium could help Michigan medical device companies
  29. Digital Agenda: Turning government data into gold
  30. Delft university researchers lambaste Court of Audit 2011 ICT report
  31. ANSI Energy Efficiency Standardization Coordination Collaborative
  32. Open Data Institute to open this week, highlighting big data innovation in the UK
  33. Comment: OpenOffice's Tale of Two Cities
  34. What ( Why) is a Consortium
  35. Participating in SSOs Part I: Propositions, Value Propositions and Strategies
  36. Participating in SSOs Part II: Getting the Most from Your Membership
  37. Intellectual Property Rights and Standard Setting
  38. Forming a Consortium Part I: Business Considerations
  39. Forming a Successful Consortium Part II: Legal Considerations
  40. Certification and Branding
  41. Creating an SSO Technical Process
  42. Government Issues Policy
  43. Laws, Cases Regulations
  44. Terms of Use
  45. Gesmer Updegrove LLP
  46. Search
  47. Contact

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