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Tue Apr 24 11:24:26 2018

Information about: consumerrights.ae
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Consumerrights information:

TitleDepartment of Economic Development : (view sites with similar title)
Description About Us About DED Mission Organisation chart About Consumer Rights Welcome CEO Statement Areas that DED Consumer Rights can help you with Areas other Government bodies can help you with Our Offices Head Office, Deira Branches BV Offices Contact Us...
Address http://www.consumerrights.ae Add this site to your favorite list
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Consumerrights Summary

Department of Economic Development : About Us. About DED. Mission. Organisation. chart.
About Consumer Rights. Welcome. CEO Statement. Areas that DED Consumer Rights can help you with.
Areas other Government bodies can help you with. Our Offices. Head Office, Deira. Branches.
BV Offices. Contact Us. Consumers. Know your rights. Consumer. rights and. responsibilities.
Consumer Rights as stated in Consumer Protection Law No. (24) 2006. Retailer / service. provider.
responsibilities. Shopping advice. Before you buy. goods and. services. At the sale. After you bought.
goods and. services. Make a complaint to a. retailer / service. provider. Steps to help.
you resolve your. Talk to the retailer / seller. Putting it in writing. Make a formal. complaint.
How it works. If the complaint. isnt. resolved. What if the. law has been. broken ? Contact Us.
Retailers/Service Providers. Know your rights. Retailer. rights and. responsibilities. Sellers.
responsibilities. Consumer Rights as stated in

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Links found on Consumerrights homepage:

  1. FAQs
  2. Contact
  3. Sitemap
  4. Arabic
  5. About DED
  6. Mission
  7. Organisation chart
  8. About Consumer Rights
  9. Welcome
  10. CEO Statement
  11. Areas that DED Consumer Rights can help you with
  12. Areas other Government bodies can help you with
  13. Our Offices
  14. Head Office, Deira
  15. Branches
  16. BV Offices
  17. Know your rights
  18. Consumer rights and responsibilities
  19. Consumer Rights as stated in Consumer Protection Law No. 2006
  20. Retailer / service provider responsibilities
  21. Shopping advice
  22. Before you buy goods and services
  23. At the sale
  24. After you bought goods and services
  25. Make a complaint to a retailer / service provider
  26. Steps to help you resolve your
  27. Talk to the retailer / seller
  28. Putting it in writing
  29. Make a formal complaint
  30. How it works
  31. If the complaint isnt resolved
  32. What if the law has been broken ?
  33. Retailer rights and responsibilities
  34. Sellers responsibilities
  35. Consumer Code of Rights
  36. Prices, tags, store signs
  37. Prices
  38. Tags
  39. Store signs
  40. Damaged goods
  41. Goods damaged by customers
  42. Goods damaged while being delivered
  43. When goods are delivered
  44. Refund
  45. What sort of remedy?
  46. "No Refunds" signs
  47. Retail advertising guide
  48. Complaint handling guidelines
  49. Essential features of a complaint handling system
  50. Procedures for handling Complaints
  51. If the complaint can't be resolved
  52. Federal Law Directives
  53. How can DED complaint handling process support retailers?
  54. Federal Law Directives for resolving consumer complaints
  55. Need more help?
  56. Useful Links
  57. Blue Book 1
  58. Blue Book 2
  59. Directives to use the Consumer Protection logo in the publications
  60. Campaign Elements
  61. Campaign Slogan
  62. Mercedes ML & ML AMG Cars Recalls
  63. FaceBook
  64. www.consumerrights.ae

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