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TitleCollege of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan
Category: Reference / Education / Colleges and Universities / Asia / Pakistan / Medical
Description | Contact Us | Feed Back | Careers | Webmail | e-LogBook (New Version) | Bank Forms | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan Excellence in Higher Medical Education Home The College About CPSP History The...
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Cpsp - Site Review: The College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan - Offers degrees in medicine, pharmacology, anatomy and pathology. With departments, publications, training programs, news and links.

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College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Contact Us. Feed Back. Careers. Webmail.
e-LogBook (New Version) Bank Forms. Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions. College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan.
Excellence in.Higher Medical Education. Home. The College. About CPSP. History. The Council.
Office Bearers. Training Program. DCPS. FCPS. MCPS. Regional Centres. Abbottabad. Bahawalpur.
Faisalabad. Hyderabad. Islamabad. Lahore. Larkana. Multan. Muzaffarabad. Nawabshah. Peshawar.
Quetta. Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. Nepal. Quick Links. JCPSP Bulletins. JCPSP Current Issue.
Bulletins Current Issue. Bulletins Archive. Download Forms. DME Workshop Forms. Examination Forms.
Library Forms. RTMC Forms. QARZ-E-HASNA Scheme. Notifications / News. News. Notifications.
Departments. Online Directories. Members. Fellows. Supervisors. On-Going Programs. Advanced Skill Department.
Short Courses / Workshops. Accredited Institutions. MCPS Accreditations. FCPS Accreditations.

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  1. Contact Us
  2. Feed Back
  3. Careers
  4. Webmail
  5. e-LogBook (New Version)
  6. Bank Forms
  7. Privacy Policy
  8. Terms and Conditions
  9. Home
  10. About CPSP
  11. History
  12. The Council
  13. Office Bearers
  14. DCPS
  15. FCPS
  16. MCPS
  17. Abbottabad
  18. Bahawalpur
  19. Faisalabad
  20. Hyderabad
  21. Islamabad
  22. Lahore
  23. Larkana
  24. Multan
  25. Muzaffarabad
  26. Nawabshah
  27. Peshawar
  28. Quetta
  29. Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
  30. Nepal
  31. JCPSP Current Issue
  32. Bulletins Current Issue
  33. Bulletins Archive
  34. DME Workshop Forms
  35. Examination Forms
  36. RTMC Forms
  37. QARZ-E-HASNA Scheme
  38. News
  39. Notifications
  40. Departments
  41. Members
  42. Fellows
  43. Supervisors
  44. Advanced Skill Department
  45. Short Courses / Workshops
  46. MCPS Accreditations
  47. FCPS Accreditations
  48. MCPS
  49. FCPS-I
  50. IMM
  51. FCPS-II
  52. Registration
  53. Supervisory Criteria
  54. Dissertation Writing
  55. Synopsis
  56. Research Evaluation Unit (REU)
  57. FAQs
  58. Board of Trustees
  59. Qarz-E-Hasna Scheme
  60. Qarz-E-Hasna for Laptop
  61. Library
  62. Diagnostic Radiology
  63. e-Library
  64. Learning Resource Centre
  65. Rules of Library
  66. Dissertations (Archive)
  67. Singapore Training
  68. CPSP Webmail
  69.
  70. CPSP now subscribes to Elsevier's Clinical Key.
  71. CPSP Sub-Centre, Military Hospital, Rawalpindi will be called now CPSP Centre
  72. Various Faculty Positions Available at Northern Boarders University (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  73. Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme for DME Courses
  74. Notification for the Changes in Educational Workshops
  75. Vaccancies for Saudi Arabia
  77. Wall of Honours
  78. "It is hereby notified to all concerned that consequent upon demotion to 'Z' Category by Higher Education Commission, 'Annals of PIMS' is removed from the List of Approved Journals by CPSP".
  79. The Competent Authority is pleased to appoint Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal, Councillor Regional Director, Lahore Centre, as Director General International Relations (DGIR)
  80. The Competent Authority is pleased to appoint Prof. Amer Aziz, Councillor CPSP as WHO Coordinator.
  81. Notification : Deadline for Submission of Dissertation
  82. Notification for the FCPS-II Registration with RTMC for new Trainees for January, 2012
  83. It is hereby notified that the MCPS Trainees, who will register from 1st January, 2012 will be using the e-log rather than the traditional log book (hard copy)
  85. No.6-1/Exam-2012/IMM/CPSP/04 Modified Format of Intermediate Module (Diagnostic Radiology) Examination
  86. No.6-1/Exam-2012/CPSP/1077-P Notification : CPSP Examination Calender for the Year of 2013
  88. Ref.No. F.I/Reg/CPSP/02/419 Nomination for the conferment of the Honorary/Without Examination Fellowship
  89. No. F.CPSP:Reg:01/12/369 Cancellation of Letter No. F.CPSP:REG:01/12/365 dated July 06, 2012
  90. No. CPSP/Secy/2012/20/001 Notification for Registration of MCPS Trainees
  91. No. Secy/2012/001 Notification for the Graduation of the DCPS-HPE Program to MCPS-HPE Program
  92. No.REG/CPSP/2012/227 Notification for Leaves and Maternity Leaves for Postgraduate students.
  93. No. Sec-CPSP/2011/8/20-161 Notification for Dr. Khuram Shahzad, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, General Secretary, DRIP, is nominated as a focal person of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan in Ireland.
  94. Ref. No. CPSP/SECY/2011/0059 New Appointment of Regional Director Quetta
  95. Sec/CPSP/Elec/2011-2014/002 Newly Elected Office Bearers for the term 2011-2014
  96. Secy/Noti/CPSP-Cncl/Fcl-Elect/2011-14 New Council Elected for the term 2011-2014, in terms of CPSP Bye-Laws 1.3(1)
  97. CPSP/SECY/2011/0058 New Appointments for all Regional Centres
  98. Find More...
  99. Find More...
  100.
  101. MCPS
  102. FCPS-I
  103. IMM
  104. FCPS-II
  105. MCPS
  106. FCPS-I
  107. IMM
  108. FCPS-II
  109. College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan.

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