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Sun Aug 18 15:30:58 2019

Information about: crystalisinstitute.com
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TitleNaisha Ahsian's Crystalis Institute (view sites with similar title)
Category: Health / Alternative / Crystals / Organizations
Description Crystalis Institute for Personal Planetary Transformation is an online institute offering information and training for Lightworkers and Energy Therapists worldwide. Based upon the work of best selling author and teacher Naisha Ahsian, the Institute's online classes, webinars and live workshops cover a myriad of subjects of interest to Lightworkers and those interested in personal spiritual development and Earth healing.
KeywordsCrystals, crystal healing, Naisha, Naisha Ahsian, spiritual development, energy healing, laying on of stones, psychic development, The Book of Stones, The Crystal Ally Cards, The Little Book of Infinite Abundance, New Age, spiritual development, ascension, ETs, aliens
Address http://www.crystalisinstitute.com Add this site to your favorite list
Facebook pages/Naisha-Ahsian/126232114323

Crystalisinstitute - Site Review: Crystalis Institute - Crystalis Institute is an educational and spiritual institution dedicated to serving the Light. The Institute was founded by Naisha Ahsian for the purpose of educating bodyworkers and lightworkers in the utilization of crystals and stones in healing. Crystalis Institute now offers training and information to lightworkers world wide

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naisha Ahsian's Crystalis Institute. About Us. Online Classes. Training Programs. Services.
Online Store. Contact Us. NEWSLETTERS. View our. PAST ISSUES.
Welcome to 2013! Now in our 18th year of service! Crystalis Institute for Personal Planetary Transformation is an online educational institute offering training products for Lightworkers worldwide. This is the official site of the work of author and teacher naisha Ahsian . In-person training is also available through workshops provided worldwide by naisha Ahsian and our highly qualified instructors.
Coming in March of 2013! The first worldwide magazine by crystal healers, for crystal healers! Crystal Resonance Magazine: A Journal of crystal healing Modalities will feature articles written by crystal healers from many paths and traditions, as well as featuring a practitioner listing and a listing of professional training programs in crystal healing modalities. This digital quarterly magazine will be delivered via the ...

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  1. Crystalis Institute
  2. About Us
  3. Online Classes
  4. Training Programs
  5. Services
  6. Online Store
  7. Contact Us
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  10. Coming in March of 2013!
  11. facebook page
  12. Becoming the Human Crystal
  13. Crystal Resonance Therapy™
  14. Primus Activation Healing Technique™
  15. Download it now...
  16. personal consultations
  17. Naisha Ahsian

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