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Sat Nov 16 23:34:22 2019

Information about: cython.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 17119 (.org extension); 457707 (global rank)
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Cython information:

TitleCython: C-Extensions for Python (view sites with similar title)
Description Cython: C-Extensions for Python About Cython Documentation Download People Useful Links About Cython Cython is a language that makes writing C extensions for the Python language as easy as Python itself. It is based on the well-known Pyrex , but...
Address http://www.cython.org Add this site to your favorite list

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Cython Summary

Cython: C-Extensions for Python. Cython: C-Extensions for Python. About Cython. Documentation.
Download. People. Useful Links. About Cython. Cython is a language that makes writing C extensions for the.
Python language as easy as Python itself. It is based on the well-known Pyrex , but supports more.
cutting edge functionality and optimizations. Cython gives you the combined power of Python and C to let you.
write Python code that calls. back and forth from and to C or C++ code natively at any point.
easily tune readable Python code into plain C performance by. adding static type declarations .
use combined source code level debugging. to find bugs in your Python, Cython and C code.
interact efficiently with large data sets, e.g. using multi-dimensional NumPy arrays. quickly build your applications within the large, mature and widely used.
CPython ecosystem . integrate natively with existing code and data from legacy, low-level or.
high-performance libraries and applications. The Cython language ...

Popularity Rank of cython.org
Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
457707 2013-05-15
423403 2013-05-01
439204 2013-04-15
540931 2013-04-01
934136 2013-03-15
951080 2013-03-01
736164 2013-02-15
554807 2013-01-30
598238 2013-01-08
508497 2012-11-17
779624 2011-12-06
970345 2009-05-28

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Server IP of cython.org: (hosted by University of Washington)
Domain extension: .org (list top sites in .org (Non-Profit Organization))

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cython.org is linking to those sites:

  1. Cython: C-Extensions for Python
  2. calls back and forth
  3. adding static type declarations
  4. combined source code level debugging
  5. interact efficiently
  6. NumPy
  7. CPython ecosystem
  8. CPython
  9. PyPy
  10. mostly usable
  11. Cython Documentation
  12. Cython Wiki
  13. Pyrex FAQ
  14. Cython FAQ
  15. Cython Tutorial
  16. Fast Numerical Computations with Cython
  17. cython users mailing list
  18. cython core developer
  19. Apache License
  20. gzipped tar
  21. zip file
  22. PyPI
  23. his site
  24. Stefan Behnel
  25. Robert Bradshaw
  26. Dag Sverre Seljebotn
  27. Google
  28. Enthought
  29. Cython integration with NumPy
  30. Google Summer of Code
  31. Python 3 compatibility
  32. Pyrex
  33. archive
  34. Bug Feature Tracker
  35. Source code repositories
  36. Dun Peal
  37. Hoyt Koepke
  38. Fredrik Johansson
  39. Chris Chou
  40. Andrew Tipton
  41. Craig Macomber
  42. Stavros
  43. André Roberge
  44. ashika
  45. Prabhu Ramachandran
  46. kfrancoi
  47. Alex van Houten
  48. Wim Kerkhoff
  49. Korbinin
  50. Sami Badawi
  51. Peter Z. Wang
  52. Miki Tebeka
  53. Bastien Léonard

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