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Sat Mar 23 18:36:01 2019

Information about: dedalvs.tumblr.com
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TitleImeimei (view sites with similar title)
Description David J. Peterson's on the Tumblr. Yikes.
Keywordsbabylonian, linguistics, lol
Address http://dedalvs.tumblr.com/ Add this site to your favorite list

Dedalvs Summary

Imeimei. Imeimei. RSS. May. The effects of unchecked criminalization: Teen charged with felony for science experiment.
laurennmcc : fuckyeahfeminists : This is what the school-to-prison pipeline looks like. This is how black youth are criminalized.
She was doing a science experiment. She’s being charged as an ADULT. She’s being charged with a FELONY.
If this all goes the way the prosecution wants, this young woman will be LEGALLY discriminated against for the rest of her life. No voting, housing discrimination,  employment discrimination (as if getting a job while black isn’t hard enough), etc. etc.
Perhaps instead of fighting about who is tougher, Batman or Iron Man, we could spend a little internet rage making sure this young scientist doesn’t go to prison?
From the comments section: “ To everyone commenting on this thread that is outraged by this chain of events: I am just as outraged as you. But it is not enough for us simply to vent on message boards because nothing gets ...

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