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Wed Jul 18 05:37:51 2018

Information about: deseloper.org
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TitleTom Lauck's Deseloper.org (view sites with similar title)
Description deseloper.org › read Skip to Content Skip to Post Navigation Skip to Main Navigation A First Date with TypeKit author: tom Several weeks ago, I found myself in a friendly debate with a co-worker over the handling and future of fonts through the web...
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Deseloper Summary

Tom Lauck's Deseloper.org. deseloper.org › read. Skip to Content. Skip to Post Navigation.
Skip to Main Navigation. A First Date with TypeKit. author: tom.Several weeks ago, I found myself in a friendly debate with a co-worker over the handling and future of fonts through the web browser.  Hours later, a TypeKit invite landed in my inbox; how coincidental.
Vegetarian Chicken.To break down what is happening with TypeKit, Jonathan Snook has a nice article that articulates the licensing limitation and techniques needed for successful @font-face embedding – TTF/OTF, EOT, and SVG.  These are the basic tenets of utilizing @font-face from a technical standpoint, minus TypeKit’s JavaScript for legal embedding and SVG.
@font-face { font-family: 'GothicCustom'; src: url("LeagueGothic.eot"); src: local('League Gothic'),
url("LeagueGothic.svg#lg") format('svg'), url("LeagueGothic.otf") format('opentype'); Jonathan Snook – Becoming A Font Master.
He also encapsulates the fact that ...

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