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TitleDesi Clinic: Medical Website | Urdu And Hindi | Pakistan And India (view sites with similar title)
Description Desi Clinic &G8@ M2@(? /Ì3Ì ©DÌF© Home Roman Urdu Articles Desi Clinic: Medical Website In Urdu And Hindi For Pakistani And Indian People Health and medical information in Roman Urdu and Hindi for the people of South Asia especially Pakistan and India...
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Desi Clinic: Medical Website | Urdu And Hindi | Pakistan And India. Desi Clinic. &G8@ M2@(?
/Ì3Ì ©DÌF© Home. Roman Urdu Articles. Desi Clinic: Medical Website In Urdu And Hindi For Pakistani And Indian People.
Health and medical information in Roman Urdu and Hindi for the. people of South Asia especially Pakistan and India.
Medicine. Hepatitis B. Chicken Pox. Cholera. HIV Aids. Polio. Measles. Tularaemia.
Leukemia. Blood. Tinitis. Reddish Eye Conjunctivitis. Medicine Simmonds Disease Vesical Spasm Vocal Paralysis Vesical Irritability Cancer Of Urinary Bladder Renal Carcinoma Peritoneal Dialysis Chronic Renal Failure Acute Renal Failure Metabolic Alkolosis Metabolic Acidosis Hypophosphataemia Hypermagnesaeimia Hypomagnesaemia Decreased Extracellular Volume Fruits Betel Nut Almonds Walnuts Nut Pine Jack Fruit Sycamore Fruit Pears Coconut Custard Apple Sugar Cane Olive Oil - Zaitoon Ka Tail Tamarind Loquat Papaya Figs Vegetables Foods Fenugreek Cucumber Betel Leaf Mustard ...

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828446 2013-04-15
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  1. Desi Clinic
  2. Roman Urdu Articles
  3. Medicine
  4. Hepatitis B
  5. Chicken Pox
  6. Cholera
  7. HIV Aids
  8. Polio
  9. Measles
  10. Tularaemia
  11. Leukemia
  12. Blood
  13. Tinitis
  14. Reddish Eye Conjunctivitis
  15. Simmonds Disease
  16. Vesical Spasm
  17. Vocal Paralysis
  18. Vesical Irritability
  19. Cancer Of Urinary Bladder
  20. Renal Carcinoma
  21. Peritoneal Dialysis
  22. Chronic Renal Failure
  23. Acute Renal Failure
  24. Metabolic Alkolosis
  25. Metabolic Acidosis
  26. Hypophosphataemia
  27. Hypermagnesaeimia
  28. Hypomagnesaemia
  29. Decreased Extracellular Volume
  30. Fruits
  31. Betel Nut
  32. Almonds
  33. Walnuts
  34. Nut Pine
  35. Jack Fruit
  36. Sycamore Fruit
  37. Pears
  38. Coconut
  39. Custard Apple
  40. Sugar Cane
  41. Olive Oil - Zaitoon Ka Tail
  42. Tamarind
  43. Loquat
  44. Papaya
  45. Figs
  46. Vegetables
  47. Foods
  48. Fenugreek
  49. Cucumber
  50. Betel Leaf
  51. Mustard Spinach
  52. Coriander
  53. Luffa
  54. Lady Fingers
  55. Pea
  56. Ash gourd
  57. Mint Leaf
  58. Tomato
  59. Beans Pod
  60. Turnips
  61. Bitter Gourd
  62. Nursing
  63. Chronic Nephritis
  64. Common Instrument For General Nursing
  65. Ward Trays
  66. Quick Tests For Some Adulterants In Food
  67. Laparoscopic Application Of Clip
  68. Nurse And Family Planning Contraception
  69. The Nursing Of The Paralysed Person
  70. Oxygen Therapy
  71. Alcoholic Hallucinosis
  72. Suicidal Patient
  73. Voilent Patient
  74. Sun Stroke
  75. Shock
  76. Haemorrhage From Varicose Veins And Palm
  77. Haemorrhage From Ear

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