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Sat Aug 17 08:50:05 2019

Information about: dhorrigan.com

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TitleDan Horrigan (view sites with similar title)
Description Quick Note: In this post I refer to both the Accessor and Mutator collectively as the “Mutators”. I know this is not technically “
Address http://dandoescode.com Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @DanDoesCode
Changed my name to @dhrrgn, tweet me there.
Facebook 1046055329

Dhorrigan Summary

Dan Horrigan. Dan Horrigan. Blog. Archives. Menu. Blog. Archives. Facebook. Twitter.
GitHub. Coderwall. RSS. Laravel 4 Mutators…The Name Doesn’t Matter. Quick Note: In this post I refer to both the Accessor and Mutator collectively as the “Mutators”. I know this is not technically “correct”, but I did it as to not confuse what most people think when they hear “Accessor”.
There was a change to the Laravel 4 Eloquent Mutators recently that some people do not like. The thing that changed was the prefix for the Mutator methods. So, instead of naming them getFoo and/or setFoo you name them giveFoo and takeFoo . Some people seemed to think that this would impact how they actually used their Models, which it does not. It actually makes it easier for you to write them.
What is an Eloquent Mutator? So the Mutators are simply methods on your Model that you can define to modify the value of a field either before it is returned to you, or prior to being set. These methods are called ...

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