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Sat Aug 17 08:52:34 2019

Information about: distributedmatter.net
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Distributedmatter information:

TitleDistributed Matter - Blog (view sites with similar title)
Description Distributed Matter - Blog To content | To menu | To search Saturday, March 7 2009 Signing FOAF files: FOAF files as certificates By Bruno Harbulot on Saturday, March 7 2009, 16:29 (Updated 13/03/09: links at the end) After the discussions we've been...
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Distributedmatter Summary

Distributed Matter - Blog. Distributed Matter - Blog. To content | To menu | To search.
Saturday, March 7 2009. Signing FOAF files: FOAF files as certificates. By Bruno Harbulot on Saturday, March 7 2009, 16:29.
(Updated 13/03/09: links at the end) After the discussions we've been having recently on the foaf-protocols list about the various elements of trust that could be expressed in FOAF+SSL , I've decided to investigate a bit further the signature of FOAF files.
There is a summary of FOAF+SSL on the W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking website. Henry Story's blog also has a number of entries about FOAF+SSL.
In short, a FOAF+SSL is an authentication mechanism that relies on a customised X.509 client certificate which contains the user's public key and the user identity URI (WebID). Because such a certificate may either be self-signed or be signed by a CA you might not know, authenticating this certificate as representing the WebID may be done in two different ways:
getting the FOAF ...

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