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Fri Apr 20 13:40:27 2018

Information about: dpwh.gov.ph
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Dpwh information:

TitleWelcome to the DPWH Website
Category: Regional / Asia / Philippines / Government / Agencies, Bureaus, and Departments
Description a "Daang Matuwid, Kaunlaran ang Hatid" Right Project, Right Cost, Right Quality, Right on Time Today is Saturday, February 16, 2013 a About Us Infrastructure Doing Business Employment Directory FAQs Accounts Payable Department Issuances a QUICK LINKS a...
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Dpwh - Site Review: Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) - The public works and infrastructure maintenance arm of the Philippine Government. Relevant information from agency profile, news, announcements and status on projects and infrastructures, online complaints desk, and development cycle.

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Dpwh Summary

Welcome to the DPWH Website. "Daang Matuwid, Kaunlaran ang Hatid" Right Project, Right Cost, Right Quality, Right on Time.
Today is Saturday, February 16, 2013. About. Us. Infrastructure. Doing. Business. Employment.
Directory. FAQs. Accounts. Payable. Department. Issuances. QUICK LINKS. >> Rainwater Prototype.
>> 2012 Road Data. >> Accomplishment Report. >> Downloadable Forms. >> Invitation to Bid.
>> Organizational Chart. >> Accreditations. >> Rules and Regulations on Signs and Signboard Structures.
>> Fees and Charges. >> 2011 DPWH ATLAS: Road Statistics, Traffic, Flood Control. and Water Resources, Budget and Costs,
Physical Condition , Population and. Socio-Economic Status and Regional Maps. >> DOLE - Community-Based Employment Program (CBEP)
NEWS. GOVERNMENT ON TRACK IN 2013 INFRA PROJECTS IMPLEMENTATION. Implementation of government infrastructure projects started the year on good ...

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  1. About Us
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Doing Business
  4. Employment
  5. Directory
  6. FAQs
  7. Accounts Payable
  8. Department Issuances
  9. Rainwater Prototype
  10. 2012 Road Data
  11. Accomplishment Report
  12. Downloadable Forms
  13. Invitation to Bid
  14. Organizational Chart
  15. Accreditations
  16. Rules and Regulations on Signs and Signboard Structures
  17. Fees and Charges
  18. 2011 DPWH ATLAS: Road Statistics, Traffic, Flood Control and Water Resources, Budget and Costs, Physical Condition , Population and Socio-Economic Status and Regional Maps
  19. DOLE - Community-Based Employment Program (CBEP)
  20. Read more about this article
  22. CSC-DPWH Promotional Exam Qualifiers
  23. FY 2011 General Appropriations Act (R.A. 10147) Provisions : includes Realignments, DPWH Programs and Projects, MVUC Projects, Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and others
  24. Fund 101
  25. Fund 102
  26. FY 2011 and 2012 Job Generation Activities under the Community-Based Employment Program of the Government
  27. DPWH Employees Union Petition for Accreditation with CSC
  28. Highway Safety Design Standards Manuals: Part 1 Road Safety Design Manual and Part 2 Road Signs and Pavement Markings Manual.
  29. Guidelines in Audit of Procurement
  30. Consolidated Report on Ageing of Cash Advances Schedule of Advdances to Officers and Employees For the period January November 2012
  31. Enforcement of the Accessibility of the Law (BP 344) along National Roads
  32. Batas Pambansa Bilang 344 (Accessibility Law) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations
  33. List of Materials Engineer as of November 2012
  34. Procurement Plan for the National Roads Improvement and Management Program Phase II (NRIMP 2)
  35. Consolidated Constructors Performance Summary Report
  36. Government Procurement Policy Board (GPPB) Resolution NO. 08-2006 dated January 20, 2006
  37. New Schedule of Fees and Other Charges of the revised IRR of the National Building Code of the Philippines (PD 1096) (PDF Format, size 810 KB)
  38. Digital Copies of Various Types/Designs of DepED School Building Projects
  39. Sales (SLEX) Bridge Rehabilitation Project
  40. The Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 9184
  41. Memorandum: Partial Implementation of the DPWH Rationalization Plan in the Regional Offices and District Engineering Offices
  42. DO 87 Series 2005:Guidelines on the Evaluation and Selection of Personnel to be Retained in or Appointed/Promoted to Upgraded or Newly Created First and Second Level Positions as a Result of the Rationalization
  43. DO 53 S2011 Accreditation of Contractors'/Consultants Material Engineers who passed the September 10, 2011 Accreditation Examination
  44. CFMS-SAC validated Bidders/Performance/Surety Bonds, Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees and Contractors' All Risks Policies as of December 29, 2011.
  45. Resettlement Action Plan
  46. RAP Appendix
  47. Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  48. Annex 11-2
  49. Resettlement Action Plan for Magapit Sta Ana Road, Magapit Mission Section (NRIMP Phase II)
  50. Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  51. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)
  52. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) Amended

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