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Sun Feb 18 19:00:59 2018

Information about: draw-it-now.net
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Draw information:

TitleDraw It Now
Description A website where beginning pencil artists can actually learn the basics of how to draw in one place.
Keywordsdraw, sketches, sketching, pencil art, pencil sketches
Address http://www.draw-it-now.net Add this site to your favorite list

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Draw Summary

draw It Now. Are you ready to draw It Now ? If you’ve made it here then it’s safe to assume that drawing it now is exactly what you would like to do.
But if you’re like I was when I started searching for the how-to websites, I had no problem finding those sites. But what I wanted just wasn’t there. Or it was obvious that all they wanted was to put up a site for money. The instructions just weren’t any good.
I wanted a site that provided as much how-to instruction as a book. I wanted a site that provided every pencil art subject that I desired to learn.
Want to try an exercise now? Click on the 3D Ball image on the right to perform your first exercise.
Well congratulations! You just found the site that I always wanted to find! So maybe you call your art sketching,or pencil sketches, or you just like to wile away your time making sketches,,,, the point is I think there is something here for you!
The perfect place to start is with the link drawing Basics in the left column. It will take ...

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draw-it-now.net is linking to those sites:

  1. Drawing Basics You Can Do Now.
  2. Drawing tutorials of the eyes, facial hair, ears, nose, and mouth!
  3. 3D Pencil Ball Drawing is the Best Place to Start
  4. Draw It Now Blog
  5. Blending it all together!
  6. Shading techniques are one of the most important things to learn when learning to draw.
  7. Eye drawing learning tutorial.
  8. An easy tutorial on drawing realistic human hair. #1 An easy tutorial on drawing realistic human hair.
  9. An easy tutorial on drawing realistic human hair. #2
  10. An easy tutorial on drawing realistic human hair. #3
  11. An easy tutorial on drawing realistic human hair. #4
  12. Drawing eggs? Why not? It's just a ball with a different curve!
  13. Drawing cylinders to improve your shading and blending.
  14. 3D Cone Drawing
  15. Drawing the iris, showing color with graphite.
  16. Drawing the eyebrow so that it looks 3-D.
  17. Drawing the nose, impossible? Nope!
  18. Drawing ears is a great way to continue the study of the ball, the egg, and the cylinder.
  19. Drawing the mouth that pops !
  20. A little about me.
  21. The drawing materials that I use the most.
  22. Art Materials
  23. Portrait Sketch Gallery
  24. Perspective drawing, a simple explanation.
  25. One point perspective could be called the starting point of a convincing 3D draw
  26. Popup (http://www.draw-it-now.net/help/rss.html)

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