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Tue Aug 20 12:15:43 2019

Information about: droidnova.com
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Droidnova information:

TitleAndroid Development (view sites with similar title)
Description Android development blog from developers for developers
Keywordsandroid, development, developer, tutorial, how to, news
Address http://www.droidnova.com Add this site to your favorite list

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Droidnova Summary

android development. Skip to posts. 2D tutorial Series. Legal notice (Impressum) android development.
Rapid android development from Berlin. Home bugs. emulator. how to. layout technique.
news. security. tool. tutorial. I will move on& November 11, 2012. Martin. 1 comment.
Hi fellow readers. This will be the last post on this blog. The reason is pretty obvious: I dont have the time anymore to provide new tutorials. I cant invest the time a developer blog like this deserves.
I reached up to 3.000 unique visitors a day in the best days and I am very thankful for that. The overall feedback from you was very positive and motivated me a lot.
To anybody who just started to learn: Do some tutorials by yourself! Writing one will help you to look way deeper into the code you have written than you would do without it. Even if only a few others read it, you will benefit a lot from it. As a beginner, it is worth the time you invest.
I even learned that some of you are highly active android ...

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540778 2013-01-08
353416 2012-11-17
130298 2011-12-06
189106 2011-08-13
364148 2010-06-10

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  2. Legal notice (Impressum)
  3. Android Development
  4. bugs
  5. emulator
  6. how to
  7. layout technique
  8. news
  9. security
  10. tool
  11. tutorial
  12. I will move on…
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  44. Lars Vogel
  45. Android 3D game tutorial – Part III
  46. Playing with graphics in Android – Part III
  47. Playing with graphics in Android – Part II
  48. 3D
  49. activity
  50. adb
  51. animation
  52. application
  53. berlin
  54. browser
  55. debugging
  56. development
  57. eclipse
  58. game
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  60. ip
  61. ListActivity
  62. localhost
  63. logcat
  64. meet-up
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  67. network
  68. option
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  73. sd card
  74. sdk
  75. sound
  76. sources
  77. stammtisch
  78. TableLayout
  79. tracker
  80. webkit
  81. welcome
  82. Log in
  83. WordPress.org
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