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Sat Aug 17 08:51:28 2019

Information about: ducttapeweddingring.com
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Ducttapeweddingring information:

TitleDuct Tape Wedding Ring | Live healthy. Conquer everything. (view sites with similar title)
Description Live healthy. Conquer everything.
Address http://ducttapeweddingring.com/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @willnevin
I drive a Prius. I teach at the University of West Alabama. Currently looking for elbow patches.
Facebook artismchossenfeffer

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Duct Tape Wedding Ring | Live healthy. Conquer everything. Duct Tape Wedding Ring. About.
How football and unemployment saved my life. Other things I’ve written. 2010: The Year That Changed Everything.
17 Feb 12. News dump: NOISES OFF opening night media blowout.
By Will Nevin. Leave a Comment. Categories: News. 5/9ths of the cast of Theatre Tuscaloosa's NOISES OFF. Photo credit: Ben Flanagan / al.com.
Once again, Constant Reader, I have totally neglected you. And  as always, for that I am deeply sorry. At least this time, I have a good excuse. (And what’s that you, ask?) I’ve been rehearsing six days a week for the past six weeks, and finally, the moment has arrived: Tonight is opening night for Theatre Tuscaloosa’s production of NOISES OFF. It has been an exhausting process, but once we got our first live audience last night (it was a public dress rehearsal of sorts) it was all worth it.
So, today, I’m going to share some of the local media coverage ...

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