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Wed Jul 18 22:43:06 2018

Information about: easyxdm.net
Popularity/access rank: Site number 31742 (.net extension); 555080 (global rank)
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Easyxdm information:

TitleeasyXDM - Cross-domain messaging made easy (view sites with similar title)
Description easyXDM is a library providing a flexible, reliable, secure and easy to use solution for Cross Domain messaging and Remote Procedure Calls. easyXDM enables you to work around the Same Origin Policy (SOP).
Keywordsrpc, remote procedure call, xdm, xss, cross-site, cross-domain, messaging, transport, hash, windows.name, postmessage, html5, iframe, resize, socket, fragment, communication, name, documentation, how-to, tutorial, security, same origin policy, ajax, xhr, xss, easyXDM.Transport, easyXDM.Interface, easyXDM.BestAvailableTransport, easyXDM.HashTransport, easyXDM.NameTransport, easyXDM.PostMessageTransport, json, library, framework , javascript, browser, ie6, internet explorer, easyXDM, embed, sop, fim, fragment identifier, sop
Address http://www.easyxdm.net/wp/ Add this site to your favorite list

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Easyxdm Summary

easyxdm - cross-domain messaging made easy. About. Home. FAQ. easyxdm.cross-domain messaging made easy.
Home. Blog. Examples/how-to's. Features. Getting started. Home. Notice: Using easyxdm and it suddenly stopped working in ie6 and IE7? See this .
easyxdm is a javascript library that enables you as a developer to easily work around the limitation set in place by the same origin policy, in turn making it easy to communicate and expose javascript API’s across domain boundaries.
If you want to see it in action, see this rpc demo ! Some of the goals for the project are that it should.
be easy to use!!! be self contained, no dependencies (now requires Flash) (not counting json)
be light weight. be flexible. have good code quality (uses jslint etc) have good documentation.
be the best xdm-library in existence. How easyxdm works.At the core easyxdm provides a transport stack capable of passing string based messages between two windows, a  consumer (the main document) and a  provider (a ...

Popularity Rank of easyxdm.net
Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
555080 2013-05-15
541140 2013-05-01
402294 2013-04-15
405674 2013-04-01
465322 2013-03-15
403064 2013-03-01
448404 2013-02-15
470186 2013-01-30
413946 2013-01-08
435589 2012-11-17
471338 2011-12-06
517833 2011-08-13

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Server IP of easyxdm.net: (hosted by BKK Marked AS)
Domain extension: .net (list top sites in .net (Networks))

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  1. Fork me on GitHub
  2. About
  3. Home
  4. FAQ
  5. Blog
  6. Examples/How-to's
  7. Features
  8. Getting started
  9. this
  10. see this RPC demo
  11. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-018
  12. Twitter
  13. Facebook
  14. Reddit
  15. StumbleUpon
  16. Digg
  17. Download v2.4.16 (09/03/12) from GitHub
  18. changelog
  19. Disqus
  20. LinkedIn
  21. Scribd
  22. Mail.ru
  23. VKontakte
  24. Tuenti
  25. Reframe It
  26. Sociable
  27. Opinian
  28. Wildfire Interactive
  29. Nokia
  30. github
  31. Visit this group
  32. v2.4.13 – new security release
  33. v2.4.4 – New feature and bug-fix release
  34. Frontend 2011
  35. Re: Callbacks and code -32099
  36. Callbacks and code -32099
  37. Re: Best practice for portal page talking to multiple child iframes/domains
  38. Best practice for portal page talking to multiple child iframes/domains
  39. easyXDM - Security: Update available
  40. easyXDM - Security: Notice about possible vulnerability
  41. Re: RPC Recipient Global Variables
  42. RPC Recipient Global Variables

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