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Tue Aug 21 07:30:26 2018

Information about: edevtech.com

Edevtech information:

TitleRequirements Definition - eDev Tech (view sites with similar title)
Description Using Requirements for Test utomation In a fully integrated Microsoft ALM Solution.
KeywordsRequirements Definition
Address http://www.edevtech.com Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @inteGREATStudio
inteGREAT, by eDev Technologies is an automated requirements Development platform used by BA's for validating and accelerating reuirements definition.
eDevTECH listed as Canada's Hottest Innovative Companies 2010 http://www.edevtech.com/events.html
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Edevtech Summary

requirements definition - eDev Tech. Support. Watch Demo. Evaluate. Home. Products. inteGREAT Ultimate.
inteGREAT Premium. inteGREAT Professional. inteGREAT SmartDocs. inteGREAT Simulation Designer.
inteGREAT Team Access. Solutions. Requirements Life Cycle Management. Team Foundation Server.
Agile/ Scrum Solution. Requirements Simulation. Document Automation. Non-functional Requirement Elicitation.
Decision Model. Hardware Requirements Management. Customized Solution. Services. Training.
Education. Blog. Company. About eDevTECH. Evangelists. Clients. Testimonials. Awards. Partners.
BA Leadership Consortium. Approach Overview. Approach Decomposition. Enabling Technology Alignment.
News Events. Media Coverage. Press Releases. Events. Webinars. Contact. Blog. product tour.
inteGREAT 8. inteGREAT, by eDevTECH is a Requirements Lifecycle Management platform which integrates bi-directionally with Team Foundation Server.
inteGREAT enables users to elicit, analyze, validate, review and manage ...

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  1. Logo
  2. Support
  3. Facebook
  4. Linkedin
  5. Twitter
  6. Watch Demo
  7. Evaluate
  8. Products
  9. inteGREAT Ultimate
  10. inteGREAT Premium
  11. inteGREAT Professional
  12. inteGREAT SmartDocs
  13. inteGREAT Simulation Designer
  14. inteGREAT Team Access
  15. Solutions
  16. Requirements Life Cycle Management
  17. Team Foundation Server
  18. Agile/ Scrum Solution
  19. Requirements Simulation
  20. Document Automation
  21. Non-functional Requirement Elicitation
  22. Decision Model
  23. Hardware Requirements Management
  24. Customized Solution
  25. Services
  26. Training
  27. Education
  28. Blog
  29. Company
  30. Evangelists
  31. Clients
  32. Testimonials
  33. Awards
  34. Partners
  35. BA Leadership Consortium
  36. Approach Overview
  37. Approach Decomposition
  38. Enabling Technology Alignment
  39. News Events
  40. Media Coverage
  41. Press Releases
  42. Events
  43. Webinars
  44. Contact
  45. product tour
  46. inteGREAT 8
  47. Video
  48. Requirements Definition
  49. Requirements Taxonomy
  50. Requirements Traceability
  51. Specification Checker
  52. Requirements Integration
  53. Microsoft Team Foundation
  54. HP Quality Centre
  55. Read More
  56. TechEd North America 2012
  57. PDF
  58. http://wibadd.org/
  59. Site Map
  60. Privacy Policy

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