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Sun Nov 17 06:45:41 2019

Information about: ercim.eu
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TitleERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (view sites with similar title)
Description ERCIM - The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
Keywordsadaptive programs and systems, algebra and geometry, applied information technology, autonomous systems, bio-informatics, business process modelling, classification, coding, indexing and retrieval, combinatorics, communication networks, cummunity Web portals, compilers, component based programming, computer algebra, computer arithmetic, computerised help to handicapped, computer music and cognitive musicology, concurrency, constraint programming, coordination languages, correctness proofs and verification, cryptography, complexity and security, (cultural) information systems, database and knowledge management, data mining, decision support systems, design and analysis of dependable systems, digital, VLSI and microelectronics technologies, distributed and parellel systems, DNA computing, domain specific languages, dual dynamics, evolutionary algorithms, evolvable hardware, facial animation, fluid dynamics, formal methods, fuzzy logics, geographical information systems, graph theory, hypertext and hypermedia, (advanced) ICT applications and technology (digital libraries, e-commerce, teleworking, e-university etc), image analysis, information visualisation, innovative interfaces, interactive software and systems, language engineering, machine learning, man machine interaction, medical informatics, metacomputing, mobile and wireless computing, mobility, multimedia databases, network architecture and management, neurocomputing, non-linear systems in physics, life sciences and the environment, number theory and security, operating systems, parellel software for implicit differential equations, production informatics, probability, quantum computing, radio technology, real time and high performance programming, requirements capture, reverse engineering, robotics and intelligent vehicles, silicon systems, standards, software optimisation, software renovation, software specification, analysis and testing, space flight dynamics, speech, statistical informatics, statistics, stochastic analysis and fi! nance, stochastic geometry, system theory and control, visualisation and virtual reality, world wide web
Address http://www.ercim.eu Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @ercim_news
ERCIM, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
Call for articles for ERCIM News 98 - special theme: Smart Cities http://t.co/ghGVchgeAG

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Ercim Summary

ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. Home Activities Working Groups WG Report View Projects Fellowship Programme Scientific Fields Event Sponsorship Forthcoming Events Past Events Cor Baayen Award Jobs Events Calendar Publications ERCIM News ERCIM Innovation Annual Report Strategic Reports Slides Logos for Download Members' Libraries Workshop Proceedings About ERCIM Membership Member representation Advisory Committee ERCIM Office Governance Task Groups Logos for Download Partnerships Slides Poster Legal Info Media Corner News Intranet BSCW Wikis Mailing Lists Shared Calendar Absence Webmail Search.
You are here: Home. ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics - aims to foster collaborative work within the European research community and to increase co-operation with European industry. Leading European research institutes are members of ERCIM.
Projects. ABCDE. AXES. eAccess+ GEO-RECAP. i-Marine. MultilingualWeb. OMWeb. PaaSage. ...

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578507 2013-05-15
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737480 2013-03-15
644500 2013-03-01
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390237 2013-01-30
460567 2013-01-08
347057 2012-11-17
328982 2011-12-06
769536 2011-08-13
316235 2010-06-10

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  1. Home
  2. Activities
  3. Working Groups
  4. WG Report View
  5. Projects
  6. Fellowship Programme
  7. Scientific Fields
  8. Event Sponsorship
  9. Forthcoming Events
  10. Past Events
  11. Cor Baayen Award
  12. Jobs
  13. Events Calendar
  14. Publications
  15. ERCIM News
  16. ERCIM Innovation
  17. Annual Report
  18. Strategic Reports
  19. Slides
  20. Logos for Download
  21. Members' Libraries
  22. Workshop Proceedings
  23. About ERCIM
  24. Membership
  25. Member representation
  26. Advisory Committee
  27. ERCIM Office
  28. Governance
  29. Task Groups
  30. Partnerships
  31. Poster
  32. Legal Info
  33. Media Corner
  34. News
  35. Intranet
  36. BSCW
  37. Wikis
  38. Mailing Lists
  39. Shared Calendar
  40. Absence
  41. Webmail
  42. Search
  43. AXES
  44. eAccess+
  46. i-Marine
  47. MultilingualWeb
  48. OMWeb
  49. PaaSage
  51. STREWS
  53. MobiWebApp
  54. Members
  55. AARIT
  56. CNR
  57. CRCIM
  58. CWI
  59. FhG
  60. FNR
  61. FNRS
  62. FWO
  63. FORTH
  64. INRIA
  65. ISI
  66. NTNU
  67. PEG
  69. SIRA
  70. SICS
  71. SpaRCIM
  72. STFC
  73. SZTAKI
  74. UCY
  75. VTT
  76. @ercim_news:
  77. @ercim_news
  78. http://t.co/XjaGORlS
  79. http://t.co/5NE2X03S
  80. ERCIM and Ideal-ist have established a cooperation
  81. Latest ISTAG Report: "Software Technologies - the missing key enabling technology"
  82. PaaSage – An €8.4 million investment for bridging clouds
  83. Paweł Parys Winner of the 2012 Cor Baayen Award
  84. ERCIM Symposium 2012
  85. ERCIM Activity Report 2011 published
  86. ERCIM evolves - evolve with ERCIM - Download the flyer in pdf
  87. pdf
  88. The World Wide Web Consortium
  89. feed-image

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