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Thu Aug 22 13:51:13 2019

Information about: ergoemacs.org
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Ergoemacs information:

TitleErgoEmacs (view sites with similar title)
Description ∑ ErgoEmacs ◆ Emacs ◇ Lisp ◆ Blog ◆ Emacs ◇ Lisp ◆ Buy Tutorial Web Hosting by 1&1 ∑ ErgoEmacs ErgoEmacs is a fantastic text editor. You download it, and use it for your day job and be productive in the first day. ErgoEmacs is as easy...
Address http://www.ergoemacs.org Add this site to your favorite list

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Ergoemacs Summary

ErgoEmacs. ∑ ErgoEmacs ◆ Emacs ◇ Lisp ◆ Blog ◆ Emacs ◇ Lisp ◆ Buy Tutorial.
Web Hosting by 1&1. ∑ ErgoEmacs.ErgoEmacs is a fantastic text editor. You download it, and use it for your day job and be productive in the first day.
ErgoEmacs is as easy to use as Notepad, If you are familiar with Microsoft Notepad, you can be productive with it the minute you download it. Yet, ErgoEmacs is powerful, because it is emacs.
ErgoEmacs is a modernized version of emacs. It improves emacs's difficult keyboard shortcuts, menus, outdated terminologies, and with many more added packages.
Features.For a list of features, see: ErgoEmacs Features . Download.For Windows: ErgoEmacs 1.9.2 Setup.exe.
For Mac OS X and Linux, you need a emacs 23.2 installation, then install the ErgoEmacs Package that will make your emacs behave as ErgoEmacs.
Download at: http://ergoemacs.googlecode.com/files/ergoemacs_1.9.3.1.zip. ErgoEmacs v1.9.3 Release Notes Highlight.
ErgoEmacs v1.9.1 Release Notes Highlight. ...

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755849 2013-04-15
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721465 2013-03-15
858071 2013-03-01
738508 2013-02-15
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  2. Emacs
  3. Lisp
  4. Blog
  5. Buy Tutorial
  6. Web Hosting by 1&1
  7. ErgoEmacs Features
  8. ErgoEmacs 1.9.2 Setup.exe
  9. http://ergoemacs.googlecode.com/files/ergoemacs_1.9.3.1.zip
  10. ErgoEmacs v1.9.3 Release Notes Highlight
  11. ErgoEmacs v1.9.1 Release Notes Highlight
  12. ErgoEmacs Forum
  13. ErgoEmacs Frequently Asked Questions
  14. Xah Lee
  15. David Capello
  16. Matthew L Fidler
  17. GNU Emacs
  18. XEmacs
  19. EmacsW32
  20. Aquamacs Emacs
  21. Carbon Emacs
  22. http://code.google.com/p/ergoemacs/
  23. Disqus

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