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Wed Jul 18 05:48:50 2018

Information about: escapefromobesity.net
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TitleEscape from Obesity (view sites with similar title)
Description skip to main | skip to sidebar Escape from Obesity A look into the secret life and inner thoughts of an obese mom. I have to get out of this hellish nightmare. Pages Home Recipes Medifast Foods: Tips and Recipes Weight Loss Program: Habit-A-Week...
Address http://www.escapefromobesity.net Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @Lyn2007
Just ate a bowl of creamy, low carb squash soup... made from yellow summer squash! Go good. http://t.co/XBjZWS92D3
Facebook lynrocks

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Escape from Obesity. skip to main | skip to sidebar.Escape from Obesity. A look into the secret life and inner thoughts of an obese mom. I have to get out of this hellish nightmare.
Pages. Home. Recipes. Medifast Foods: Tips and Recipes. Weight Loss Program: Habit-A-Week Challenge.
My Produce Guide. Tuesday, January 15, 2013. Just Some Stats.Yesterday: 960 calories.
103 g protein (40%) 84 g carbs (33%) 31 g fat (27%) Perfect. No exercise yesterday; stayed off my sore feet and thankfully did NOT need to take any pain medication!
Today's log, which I pre-planned and will stick to perfectly: 942 calories.108 g protein (44%)
80 g carbs (32%) 26 g fat (24%) Dinner is going to be 5 ounces of extra lean grass fed local beef over 3 cups of mixed Romaine and baby spinach, with light salsa Ranch dressing.
Exercise, so far, was a 3/4 mile walk with one of the dogs. It was a slow, gentle walk, but there was no pain and no meds needed. I may also bike 5-10 minutes this evening.
Posted by. Lyn. ...

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