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Thu Aug 22 13:50:57 2019

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TitleEDC (view sites with similar title)
Description Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected...
KeywordsEDC, Everyday Carry, Pocket Dump, Woodgrain, submission
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Twitter @everyday_carry
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edc. edc.everyday carry, or edc, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness.
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submitted by Andy Z.Recently stumbled upon this awesome site. Heres my simple yet effective solution for my edc:
-Samsung/Google Nexus S.-Dockers Tri-fold Leather Wallet.-Zebra G-301.-Keys (along with LaCie iamaKey 8GB flash drive)
-Maratac AAA LED Flashlight.-Benchmade 551 Griptilian.Editors Note: Hi Andy, Im glad you enjoy the site. Taking a look at your loadout, Id say you definitely got it right in your simple yet effective approach. Youve made plenty of good choices here  a notably popular edc light that weighs very little and uses common batteries, a ...

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  11. submitted by Andy Z Recently stumbled upon this awesome site. Here#8217;s my simple yet effective solution for my EDC: -Samsung/Google Nexus S-Dockers Tri-fold Leather Wallet-Zebra G-301-Keys (along with LaCie iamaKey 8GB flash drive)-Maratac AAA LED Flashlight-Benchmade 551 Griptilian Editor#8217;s Note: Hi Andy, I#8217;m glad you enjoy the site. Taking a look at your loadout, I#8217;d say you definitely got it right in your #8220;simple yet effective#8221; approach. You#8217;ve made plenty of good choices here #8212; a notably popular EDC light that weighs very little and uses common batteries, a great EDC blade, a simple but sturdy pen, and an uncluttered keyring with some sturdy hardware. I think you could refine the EDC a little more if you went for a slimmer wallet (see if you can get away with just carrying cards and cash!) and maybe try modding your Zebra to all stainless steel parts (I#8217;m not sure if the G-301 is compatible with this popular mod, and you might be trying to preserve the black/steel scheme) Otherwise, good job and thanks for sharing with us.
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  16. submitted by Tim Love the site. I check it out daily. Here is my EDC:Sunwayman V10R Ti Flashlight - This is a great little light. It has variable brightness from 1-210 lumen. I also have the AA extender so it can use AA or CR123A. It is tough, light and looks great. Saddleback Leather Wallet Sleeve - I am always on the lookout for a slim wallet and have gone through quite a few and this is my favorite so far. The leather quality is fantastic, and I only carry 4 cards with me so it is barley noticeable in my pocket.iPhone 4 - Can#8217;t live without this, connects me to the world.Benchmade Doug Ritter Mini-RSK Mk1 Knife - Basically a mini Griptilian with S30V steel and a great handle. Stands up to anything I throw at it and looks good doing it.Omega Speed Master Professional Watch - I#8217;ve been through a few watches but I think I have finally found my #8220;one#8221;. I love the tough hand wound movement, great looks, classic lines and feel on the wrist. It#8217;s designed to go to space so I am sure it can handle anything I can throw at it. Editor#8217;s Note: Hi Tim, thanks for your support. I just want to say you have an excellent EDC, and I appreciate your taste in both aesthetics, practicality and quality. The V10R looks to have a great user interface, the battery versatility as you mentioned, and it sure is a looker. The Saddleback is renowned for its durability and opting for a slimmer type of wallet is better to carry, especially if you keep it in your back pocket. Good choice on the Ritter minigrip as you get a premium steel on a great EDC knife (its blade shape, length, lock, handle and clip). The scale color is perhaps not as low key but at least it#8217;s got a friendlier, colorful appearance that should also help with visibility if you need to grab it quickly. Lastly, gorgeous watch Wear it well and in good health! Thanks for sharing.
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  18. submitted by derwal Damn, looking at all that EDC pics, I bet Sherlock Holmes could read it all. Seems like some guys are pretty knive-obsessed, I really wonder why no one seriously carries a straight razor#8230; This is the EDC of a german Industrial Designer/Photographer/Musician: Ray Ban Clubmaster - classic eyebrow glasses Zippo lighter - great beer bottle opener for a Gentleman Moleskine Sketchbook - quite essential for a creative dude, I use it heavily during my daily commute for doodling all types of thoughts Lamy 408 pen - contains 3 colors; I love sketching w/ a ball pen, because you can start doodling very light and get bolder lines by pushing the pen harder ring - boy I left that one at someone#8217;s house recently and was dogged by bad luck #8216;til I got the ring back#8230; Carhartt wallet - threw away the original chain and replaced it w/ this anchor chain I bought at some biker store 15 years ago Seiko SKX007K - apologies for the NATO strap. Change it to a shark mesh bracelet from time to time tough. Never been happier w/ a watch. AKG In-ears - #8216;cause that Apple headset is pure crap#8230; Leatherman Micra - not enough knife for a proper picnic, but just perfect for my EDC; love the scissors LiteXpress Mini Palm 101 light - 21 Lumen of awesomeness, uses standard batteries bike and house keys - all w/ light #8216;n Leatherman it#8217;s barely suitable to carry in your pant pocket without looking like a pusher#8230; Fuji X100 camera - I taped the cam black, so it looks crappy and less like a show off Editor#8217;s Note: Derwal, knives are incredibly useful tools for many contributors here (although for others, their admiration and passion for knife collecting might outweigh the actual practical need for a knife, but no problem with that). I know you#8217;re joking, but carrying a straight razor is illegal pretty much everywhere and one wouldn#8217;t be practical for EDC use (lack of a hard lock, weird grip ergonomics for cutting like a knife, blunted tip, etc). I don#8217;t mean to knock SRs though, I will admit I#8217;m personally a fan of gourmet wet shaving! It#8217;s just not suitable for EDC. Anyway, onto your carry #8212; the loadout is very coherent and appropriate for your line of work, so good job for putting all that thought into it. I like the notebook and the multipen, especially for creative work. Nice keychain setup too, but if you find yourself struggling to tame your pocket bulge, consider a P7 suspension clip. It lets you hang your keychain, suspended in your pocket, so it doesn#8217;t bunch up at the bottom of your pocket and carries a little slimmer and more comfortably. Lastly, nice touches on the X100 with the gaffer tape and the black strap on the watch. Makes for a more subdued look! Thanks for sharing.
  19. derwal
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  21. submitted by Jamie MY EDC right to left#8230; Springfield XD .45 (w/thumb safety) Uncle Mike#8217;s Clip-in IWB holster (Surprisingly comfortable for a cheap holster) SOG Access Card 2.0 (Great Knife, Mediocre Clip) UltraFire C3 (Rides in holster, need to replace with something more reliable) iPhone 3GS in $5 Incipio Leather case (protects great in front pocket) Keys: Leatherman Micra (backup knife) Fenix E01 (Backup Light) Basic Wallet with minimum of CC#8217;s and cash. Editor#8217;s Note: First of all, thanks for sharing what holster you use #8212; a lot of my readers complain that other contributors tend to overlook that piece of gear. I like how you opt for a backup light and multitool on your keychain, that#8217;s a great spot to put them, and you#8217;ve picked very reliable items that serve that purpose. As for your primary light, I echo your sentiment that you could use a more reliable brand. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there. I like Fenix, EagleTac and 4sevens personally, as they put out some high quality, fairly affordable lights for EDC. Beautiful wear on that SOG, nice to see it getting use (I wouldn#8217;t be surprised, I love the action on it and if I had one I#8217;d use it plenty). Good job keeping the wallet slim and minimal too. Overall, you#8217;ve got a strong carry. Thanks for sharing!
  22. submitted by Sergiu M This is what I have in my pockets today: *Samsung Galaxy GT-I9000*Fossil tan bi-fold wallet*Spyderco Dragonfly VG10*Marcello C Nettuno 3 watch on a Shell Cordovan nr. 8 leather NATO strap*Zippo lighter I recently repaired my Olympus DSLR and even though I have yet to learn how to use it properly, I hope this picture is a bit closer to the high standard of the great submissions on your blog. Editor#8217;s Note: Nice carry here #8212; albeit even more minimal than most (no keyring?). The Dfly is a nice little EDC knife, I love the blade shape on it. I don#8217;t see leather NATO straps very often, but the pairing of the cordovan and that dark green bezel is awesome! That finish on your Zippo looks great too. I#8217;ll assume your smartphone has an LED flashlight in it, otherwise a light could help round out the rest of your carry. Thanks for sharing!
  23. submitted by Ben Hello Bernard! I love your blog, and your personal efficient take on EDC. Over the past couple years I have spent hours perusing your archives, and have found out about a lot of great gadgets thanks to you. I am a 24 year old blue collar kid from Colorado. I have been putting myself through school and am finally about to get my undergraduate in philosophy from the University of Colorado Boulder. I have been collecting knives, flashlights, and fun things since the ripe old age of 6, and have worked very hard for almost every piece in my collection. Here are a few things that I carry on a regular basis, albeit not all at once :) -Muyshondt Aeon from Enrique#8217;s last neutral tint run-McGizmo Sundrop 3S-Mac#8217;s Customs Copper Tri EDC in neutral.-Mike Alsdorf custom slipjoint-Chris English Z automatic-Spyderco Caly 3-Chris Reeve large regular Sebenza and sheath made by my uncle-Handkerchief that I found in my grandma#8217;s house when we moved her out.-Makr Carry Goods wallet-MiNI CR2 from the original warm run with a great super warm tint (~3000k) and an orange cadet attached to a split ring with McGizmo clips. I usually have a car key on here too.-keys-phone-not pictured: notepad, pen, or chapstick Thanks!Ben Editor#8217;s Note: Hi Ben, thanks for the kind words. Lovely collection you#8217;ve got! I see you have discerning taste when it comes to flashlights #8212; great variety of options, and it#8217;s nice to see some love for warmer tints. For most EDCers, I would say color rendition isn#8217;t critically important, but it sure does make real life usage more pleasing, in my opinion anyway. I also like the variety in your knives#8217; blade lengths, lock types, handle material, styling, and so on. You can#8217;t really go wrong with those. The Mini CR2 x Alox Cadet pairing is great too. I personally find a highly efficient twisty light and a SAK make a great backup system, and you#8217;ve got just that plus some cordage for retrieval and grip retention. Lastly, that wallet looks great #8212; although if I had one, I#8217;d probably experiment with using it as a small gear pouch. Thanks for sharing your collection of high quality, eclectic gear. From a recent graduate myself, congrats on finishing your undergrad! Work hard and save often.
  24. Editor#8217;s Note: Hi everyone, I#8217;ll be going to the Philippines for a couple of weeks to address some family matters and I am not sure of the internet situation yet, so I apologize in advance if the posting frequency on the site becomes less consistent. To try to make it up to you, here#8217;s a little shot of what I#8217;ll likely be carrying overseas: Polarized sunglasses Rockboxed Sansa Clip+ w/ 32gb microSD Playing Cards Microfiber towel (for phone, gadgets, glasses and intense perspiration) Headporter Hip Pack 4sevens Quark 123 Ti iPhone 4S anti-theft device Pilot Birdy Mini SS and SS Sharpie My attempt at a paleo trail mix Victorinox Super Tinker with 550 lanyard (should cover all the tools I need) Seiko SNN215 on Grey NATO (Adjustable strap in case I swell up from the heat and/or consumption of rice) USB to mini USB, spare CR123a battery, SS peanut lighter Handkerchief (I#8217;ve been told it#8217;s hot in the Philippines) iPhone charger (I#8217;ll pick up a universal adapter when I land) Shure SE530 custom remolds, vintage leather belt pouch I#8217;d likely be carrying this pack with my camera, or inside of my RUSH 24. My RUSH24 will keep a compact spare change of clothes, a compact umbrella, my laptop and charger, a book, and so on I#8217;d prefer to have a less #8220;tactical#8221; look and a more fobby asian look just to blend in better I guess! I don#8217;t anticipate needing too much gear as I#8217;ll be in the city, and as I#8217;m not sure of the knife laws exactly, I#8217;ll play it safe with a SAK. Anyway, thanks for looking. If I see cool gear during my travels, it#8217;ll likely end up on @carrygram!
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  28. submitted by Matt542 First off, really like the site. Perhaps similar to others, I have a slight pre-occupation with little gadgets, and an awareness of the objects I carry with me on a daily basis. I found your site while looking to replace the LED Lenser K3 on my keys, and have since then lost a substantial amount of time trawling through previous submissions. Anyway, I finally decided to photograph my EDC, but have also included those objects I carry on my person on a daily basis while at work (UK Paramedic). Thanks for the site, and keep up the good work. The lower row is my true daily carry, from left to right: iPhone4 with slim black hi-gloss rubber case (micro-fibre cloth carried between case and back of phone). Freecom 16GB USB databar Papermate ComfortMate Ultra 1.0M black Moleskine diary Old Solo watch I found in an antiques market Keys, with 4sevens Quark MiniX 123, Gerber Shard, and Leatherman Style Leather Wallet, which Id like to replace, but cant find anything I truly like. Upper Row is my additional carry when at work. Left to right: TuffCut Shears with lanyard on handle - to secure safely in pocket (looped over earpieces of stethoscope) as I#8217;ve lost countless pairs. Casio F-91W. This replaces my wristwatch and sits on my belt (#8220;naked#8221; from elbow down policy at work). It#8217;s bum-basic, easy to disinfect and cheap to replace. Peli VersaBrite 3. Clips onto loops on my shirt/fleece really useful for leaving my hands free for completing paperwork/or not falling down steps at night with poor lighting and hands full. Leather belt radio clip. iPhone FM radio transmitter. Allows me to play my iPod via the ambulance radio. Pen torch (for pupillary responses)#8230;as no one likes 100 lumens in the face. Fenix LD10 R5. Love it, although have contemplated replacing with a CR123 battery powered torch, but AAs are supplied free at work. SAK Spartan, endlessly useful. Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope. Editor#8217;s Note: Hi Matt, thanks for the kind words, and for sharing a carry unique to you profession for us to enjoy. Your #8220;true#8221; EDC is set up just fine #8212; Fairly minimal, good utility on your keychain and you managed to do it despite the more strict UK knife laws. Your work carry is especially interesting and refreshing to see! The retrieval cordage on your shears is very clever and looks like it would work great to quickly let you get to work, which is important in your profession as a paramedic. The LD10 should stay in your carry if you love it and batteries are free, in my opinion. Some CR123 lights are much brighter but these days you can even get away with something like the EagleTac D25A clicky, which is very compact and bright for a 1xAA light. Otherwise, everything looks great. The one thing that struck me was that you didn#8217;t include a #8216;rescue tool,#8217; with a glass breaker, seatbelt cutter and so on, but if those aren#8217;t necessary in your line of work, forgive me. Thanks for sharing!
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  30. submitted by andyroo Usual workday carry. Moleskine Caran D#8217;ache pen Keys w/ sak, atwood tool, and lumintop worm light Wallet Citizen watch iPhone4 in Saddleback case Emerson Mini A-100 Editor#8217;s Note: Very nice, I especially like your keychain setup with the SAK, Atwood and Lumintop. That#8217;s some great versatility and utility in a streamlined package. The little gate clip with your car keys lets you detach your main tools when in use and alleviates strain on your ignition. The Caran d#8217;Ache pen is beautiful, and I like that you carry a notebook to use it with (I see a lot of #8216;one or the other#8217; for some reason). Lastly, the Mini A-100 is one of those rare successful combinations of clean looks, rugged and tactical qualities, and a useful blade shape, making it a great EDC blade. Thanks for sharing!
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  41. submitted by sonderzug Citizen #8220;Ecozilla#8221; Spyderco Paramilitary 2 my best Spyderco Saddleback Wallet like a Tank iphone 4 Keys with 4sevens 123mini, Atwood Prybaby G5 and a P7 Clip As simple as possible. Sometimes I add an Embassy Pen. Thanks and keep up the good work on your awesome blog. Editor#8217;s Note: Hi there, thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I appreciate the #8220;minimal ruggedness#8221; of your carry. Simple, tanky designs seem to be the theme here, as evidenced by the Para 2 and its solid compression lock, a simple leather bifold, a one piece multitool, a single cell twisty light, and so on. It#8217;s hard to see in your photo but good choice with the P7 suspension clip to pocket tuck your keys since you didn#8217;t opt to go the carabiner/gate clip route. I would just suggest to change the split ring on the Mini123, they#8217;re very weak in my experience (lost a light because of it). Good stuff there, thanks for sharing!
  42. sonderzug
  43. submitted by H2O Boy My Titan EDC Strider SnG DGG-T Mcgizmo Haiku Render K Pen USN Challenge Coin Anso Titanium Carabiner Voc Money/CC Holder Editor#8217;s Note: Not much to say about this carry other than that it#8217;s safe to say you#8217;ve made a lot of other readers pretty jealous. For many, the Strider and McGizmo are familiar items but to less initiated, I should mention these tools are top notch quality and sought after by many. I haven#8217;t seen many pics of the Render K kickstarter pen, my first impression is that the shape looks a little strange but at least it#8217;s not overly tactical. And the Anso carabiner is awesome (if not overkill) with that rugged design, nice size, and sturdy materials to ensure your keys are secure. Thanks for sharing!

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