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Tue Nov 12 18:00:35 2019

Information about: extra-credits.net
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TitleExtra Credits | Because games matter! (view sites with similar title)
Description The official website for the Extra Credits web show, as seen on Penny Arcade TV (PATV) and ScrewAttack. Join us every week as we take a deeper look at games; how they are made, what they mean and how we can make them better.
Keywordsextra, credits, game, design, video, games, gaming, theory, podcast, articles, reviews, james, portnow, daniel, floyd, allison, theus, penny, arcade, screw, attack
Address http://extra-credits.net/ Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @extracreditz
Because Games Matter.
@cakeman48688704 I've checked&double-checked. Not sure why it's appearing for you, maybe Yt error, but definitely not something we uploaded.
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extra credits | Because games matter! extra credits. extra Curricular. Home. News. Site News.
Show News. Events. Other News. Episodes. podcasts. articles. Forum. Store. Contact. extra credits : My Name Is Ozymandias&̶...
This week, we discuss the unfortunate lack of preservation for gaming's history. watch. Article : Not the Knee Again.
Iko discusses Mainichi - a recent game offering from game critic and designer Mattie Brice - and why this personal experience, told through a game, works effectively with its mechanics.
read. Article : Finding Myself in the Wastes. daniel Starkey discusses how games can make us reflect and think, and can teach us valuable lessons, by recounting his personal journey through the Capital Wasteland.
read. Article : In the Name of Harman. daniel Starkey takes a look at the value of games that aren't fun, by way of a personal journey through the work of Suda 51.
read. extra credits : Horror Protagonists. This week, we talk about the importance of ...

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370999 2013-05-15
344401 2013-05-01
330047 2013-04-15
313925 2013-04-01
301413 2013-03-15
299758 2013-03-01
285217 2013-02-15
269211 2013-01-30
254485 2013-01-08
601837 2012-11-17

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  15. Iko
  16. over here
  17. James Joins Firefall Fest / Competitions
  18. http://www.firefallthegame.com/firefallfest/
  19. New Articles!
  20. PAX Prime: Extra Credits Panel
  21. Broken CRT Productions
  22. Indie Fund Thoughts Mk. 2
  23. James
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  25. Facebook
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