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TitleFOX 4 Now - Fort Myers - Cape Coral - Naples Florida - In Your Corner Local News, Sports, and Weather (view sites with similar title)
Description skip to nav skip to content FOX 4 News Home News News Local News Florida News National News You Decide - Elections Videos Photos Send us your story ideas Weather Features Features 4 In Your Corner Continuing Coverage Consumer Troubleshooter Medical...
KeywordsHome - WFTX
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FOX 4 Now - Fort Myers - Cape Coral - Naples Florida - In Your Corner Local News, Sports, and Weather.
skip to nav skip to content. FOX 4 News. Home. News. News. Local News. Florida News.
National News. You Decide - Elections. Videos. Photos. Send us your story ideas. Weather.
Features. Features. 4 In Your Corner. Continuing Coverage. Consumer. Troubleshooter. Medical Report.
Investigation. Tell Me Something Good. Videos. Photos. Send us your story ideas. Fox 4 Rising.
Fox 4 Rising. LIVE Traffic Map. Workers Wanted Wednesday. Fox 4 Rising on Facebook. Viewers Voice.
Viewers' Voice. Submit Feedback. Send us your story ideas. Viewer Pics on Tumblr. Big Red 4.
Big Red 4. Contests. Contests. Events. About. Contact Us. Fox 4 Team. EEO Report. Jobs at WFTX.
FAQ. Closed Captioning Info. Advertise With Us. Contests. Programming. Speakers Talent Request Form.
Sales Policy. Blend. Paradise TV. Paradise TV. Videos. Business Directory. Recipes. Pictures in Paradise.
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  47. StormPatrol Photos
  48. Holiday Photos
  49. New VA center opens Monday
  50. Julie Salomone
  51. 11:20 p.m. Volunteers: Adopt, don't shop this holiday season.
  52. 9:46 p.m. Is media to blame for the recent shooting tragedies?
  53. 3:56 p.m. Naples city manager, chief respond to complaint
  54. 11:06 a.m. North Fort Myers man arrested for DUI crash on I-75
  55. 12/11/2012 Investigation: Patients' medical records tossed in dumpster
  56. 12/7/2012 Investigation: Medstar audit completed but not everyone's happy
  57. 12/7/2012 Investigation: Activists filing complaints after judge dismisses animal cruelty cases
  58. 12/4/2012 Investigation: Activists protest Judge's rulings on animal cruelty
  59. 12/3/2012 Investigation: Deputies shooting dogs; owner wants accountability
  60. 11/29/2012 Investigation: Attorney accuses Fort Myers police of racial profiling
  61. 11/26/2012 Investigation: Taxpayers footing bill for trips on 'private' plane
  62. 11/21/2012 Investigation: Extreme drug shortage putting people's lives at risk
  63. 11/23/2012 Continuing Coverage: Nicaea Academy threatens parent with slander lawsuit, demands money
  64. 11/20/2012 Investigation: County's private plane likely to be sold after Fox 4 investigation
  65. 11/21/2012 DCF investigating Cape Coral Nicaea Academy
  66. 11/20/2012 Is Nicaea Academy retaliating against parents?
  67. 11/20/2012 Continuing Coverage: More complaints about Nicaea Academy amidst DCF investigation
  68. 11/15/2012 Outrage at Edison: Edison president will release all donation spending if law changes
  69. 11/14/2012 Investigation: Private plane for commissioners is costing taxpayers
  70. 11/13/2012 Special Report: Human trafficking on the rise
  71. 11/11/2012 Outrage at Edison: Lawmaker wants Edison Foundation spending made public
  72. 11/9/2012 Top Story: Commissioner speaks on camera about drug related incident
  73. 11/1/2012 Investigation: Computer test helps kids with concussions
  74. 11/1/2012 Investigation: "Cash Feenz" murder victims' family speaks out for first time
  75. 10/31/2012 Investigation: Convicted "Cash Feenz" killer hopes new law sets her free
  76. 10/30/2012 Investigation: Convicted "Cash Feenz" killer reveals chilling details of murders
  77. 10/18/2012 Investigation: Judge's decisions to dismiss animal abuse costing taxpayers
  78. 10/18/2012 Investigation: Judge accused of dismissing animal cruelty cases
  79. 10/11/2012 Investigation: Lee County official claims discrimination, defamation
  80. 10/10/2012 Continuing Coverage: Fort Myers Cemetery locates missing grave site
  81. 10/5/2012 Election officials selling your personal info to political campaigns
  82. 10/4/2012 Continuing Coverage: MedStar fallout intensifies with county manager on the hot seat
  83. 10/2/2012 Investigation: Exclusive: Memos show officials told about Medstar mess 6 months ago
  84. 9/27/2012 Veterans' group accuses VA of "cover up" over covert cameras
  85. 9/26/2012 VA defends covert camera, testifies before Congress
  86. 9/24/2012 Investigation: Lee County officials under fire for Medstar mess...again.
  87. 9/21/2012 Investigation: Helicopter not sent when teens critically injured in crash
  88. 9/26/2012 Outrage at Edison: Ex-board member: Edison Foundation a "slush fund"
  89. 9/18/2012 Investigation: Lawmaker wants Edison donation spending made public
  90. 9/26/2012 Investigation: Edison donations spent in secret on dinners, Cadillac
  91. 9/11/2012 Investigation: Taxpayers paid for Commissioner's trip to Boston Red Sox game
  92. 9/5/2012 Investigation: Sex for sale: Lee County cracks down on prostitution
  93. 9/4/2012 TroubleShooter: Fox 4 gets laptop back for PayPal scam victim
  94. 8/31/2012 Investigation: Convicted 'Cash Feenz' killer may have sentence reconsidered
  95. 8/23/2012 Investigation: Attorney wants Deputy investigated for excessive force claims
  96. 8/17/2012 Investigation: Deputy accused of using excessive force, caught on camera
  97. 8/16/2012 Investigation: PREVIEW: Deputy accused of using excessive force caught on camera
  98. 8/21/2012 Investigation: Tampa VA can't prove family knew about covert camera
  99. 8/9/2012 Investigation: Tampa VA removes covert camera
  100. 8/7/2012 Investigation: Lee Schools improperly spending grant money?
  101. 8/7/2012 Investigation: TSA whistleblower raises concerns about security at RSW
  102. 8/7/2012 Investigation: TSA whistleblower raises concerns about security at RSW
  103. 8/3/2012 Veterans' group "thrilled" Congress investigating Tampa VA
  104. 8/2/2012 Investigation: Humane Society vet under fire for surgery problems
  105. 8/2/2012 Investigation: Congress investigating Tampa VA over covert cameras
  106. 12/12/2012 Viewers Voice: Cape Coral city manager car allowance bothers viewers
  107. 12/11/2012 Viewers Voice: Red light cameras in Collier County getting support
  108. 12/10/2012 Viewers Voice: DJ prank gone too far?
  109. 12/7/2012 Viewers Voice: New York Post photo upsets many
  110. 12/5/2012 Viewers Voice: Animal abuse cases dismissed, upsets viewers
  111. 12/3/2012 Viewers Voice: Proposed hospital in Eastern Collier County
  112. 11/28/2012 Viewers Voice: More UFO sightings
  113. 11/27/2012 Viewers Voice: Facebook privacy rights
  114. 11/26/2012 Consumer Report: Cyber Monday online safety tips
  115. 11/21/2012 Viewers Voice: Commissioners plane upsets taxpayers
  116. 11/20/2012 Viewers Voice: Lightning lawsuit unnecessary?
  117. 11/15/2012 Florida residents aren't alone in UFO sightings
  118. 11/12/2012 Everblades honor veterans with patriotic jerseys
  119. 11/9/2012 Viewers Voice: Neighbors sound off on upside down US flag in re-election protest
  120. 11/8/2012 Viewers Voice: Callers sound off on election ballot scanner debacle
  121. 11/8/2012 Viewers Voice: Callers sound off on upside down US flag in re-election protest
  122. 10/26/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers sound off about one man wants to stop youth football
  123. 10/19/2012 Chick-Fil-A controversy over new flyer
  124. 10/18/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers sound off on school costume ban
  125. 10/17/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers sound off after teen misses Homecoming because of overdue library book
  126. 10/15/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers sound off on Obama sign controversy
  127. 10/11/2012 Viewers Voice: Convicted killer wants life sentence reduced
  128. 10/11/2012 Viewers Voice: Convicted 'Cash Feenz' killer wants life sentence overturned
  129. 10/9/2012 Viewers Voice: Should texting and driving be banned?
  130. 10/5/2012 Viewers Voice: Kid beats up teacher, who pays medical bills?
  131. 10/4/2012 Top Story: Father of boy struck by lightning speaks about tragedy
  132. 10/5/2012 Viewers sound off on illegals getting driver's licenses
  133. 9/28/2012 Tell Me Something Good: Historic church in Matlacha gets a makeover
  134. 9/27/2012 Viewers Voice: Should Lee Co. privatize Medstar?
  135. 9/25/2012 NFL game call controversy drawing ire of coaches, fans
  136. 9/25/2012 Viewers Voice: NY teens get free contraception at school, no parental consent needed
  137. 9/21/2012 Consumer: Review: iPhone evolves into jewel-like '5'
  138. 9/21/2012 Texas school district bans Bible verses on school spirit signs
  139. 9/19/2012 Viewers sounding off about Romney's controversial comments
  140. 9/18/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers react to Collier sheriff's stance to renew detention agreement
  141. 9/17/2012 Collier sheriff expected to renew controversial detention agreement
  142. 9/17/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers fired up over breastfeeding teacher
  143. 9/14/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers sounding off about Medstar scandal
  144. 9/12/2012 News anchor transition announced at Fox 4
  145. 9/10/2012 Naples mom leads distracted driving crusade to Tampa
  146. 9/10/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers sound off about pole dancing class for kids
  147. 9/7/2012 Kids, businesses upset with Fort Myers curfew challenges
  148. 9/7/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers respond to dogs shot and killed in Tice
  149. 9/5/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers talk businesses being allowed to sell booze on Ft. Myers Beach
  150. 8/30/2012 Fox 4 viewers weigh in on deaf controversy
  151. 8/21/2012 You Decide: Akin vows to stay in race, says GOP response to rape comments 'overreaction'
  152. 8/16/2012 Suspected drunk driver nearly hits two Charlotte County patrol cars
  153. 8/14/2012 You Decide: Voters upset with low election turnout in southwest Florida
  154. 8/10/2012 Viewers Voice: Viewers fired up over more traffic tickets by Fort Myers police
  155. 8/2/2012 Viewers Voice: Chick-fil-A sets 1-day sales record amid flap
  156. 8/2/2012 Viewers Voice: Police arrest man accused in homicide

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