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Fri Aug 23 13:48:24 2019

Information about: freemarker.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 15337 (.org extension); 413143 (global rank)
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Freemarker information:

TitleFreeMarker: Java Template Engine Library - Overview (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Programming / Languages / Java / Enterprise Edition / Server Scripting
Description Java template engine; a generic tool to generate text output (HTML, RTF, source code, etc.). Practical for servlet-based Web applications following the MVC pattern. Free.
KeywordsFreeMarker, template, templates, HTML, HTML template, page template, text, macro, macros, preprocessor, MVC, view, servlet, Java, free, open source, JSP, taglib, Velocity, WebMacro
Address http://www.freemarker.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @freemarker
FreeMarker 2.3.20 was released. Change log: http://t.co/oM7C2Z40oJ

Freemarker - Site Review: FreeMarker - Java template engine; a generic tool to generate text output (HTML, RTF, and source code) based on templates. Particularly practical for servlet-based Web applications following the MVC pattern. [Open-source, BSD-style]

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Freemarker Summary

freemarker: java template Engine Library - Overview. About. Overview. Features. Download.
freemarker. 中文版手册(PDF) Editor/IDE plugins. File generator tool (FMPP) Migrating from velocity.
FTL Libraries. Online Documentation. Table of Contents. Short-cut to: java API. Short-cut to: FAQ.
Short-cut to: Index. Short-cut to: Versions. Community, help. REPORT BUGS HERE! Mailing list subscription.
Browse/search the mailing list archives. News (nntp) interface. Web forums. Development builds (automatic)
Wiki. Blog. Twitter. Miscellaneous. Powered by freemarker. SourceForge project page.
New source repo (2.4 only ATM) Old source repo (everything else) Who we are. Overview.
News. 29 Feb 2012: freemarker 2.3.19 was released. Attention! This release contains two important security workarounds that unavoidably.
make it obvious how some applications can be exploited. freemarker can't solve these. issues on all configurations, so please read.
the details. instead of just

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Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Date
413143 2013-05-15
595271 2013-05-01
480002 2013-04-15
275522 2013-04-01
290533 2013-03-15
565788 2013-03-01
862700 2013-02-15
698134 2013-01-30
858543 2013-01-08
845007 2012-11-17
551836 2011-12-06
635204 2011-08-13
869306 2010-06-10
138831 2009-05-28
128243 2008-12-23

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Domain extension: .org (list top sites in .org (Non-Profit Organization))

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  1. Overview
  2. Features
  3. FreeMarker
  4. 中文版手册(PDF)
  5. Editor/IDE plugins
  6. File generator tool (FMPP)
  7. Migrating from Velocity
  8. FTL Libraries
  9. Table of Contents
  10. Short-cut to: Java API
  11. Short-cut to: FAQ
  12. Short-cut to: Index
  13. Short-cut to: Versions
  15. Mailing list subscription
  16. Browse/search the mailing list archives
  17. Web forums
  18. Development builds (automatic)
  19. Wiki
  20. Blog
  21. Twitter
  22. Powered by FreeMarker
  23. SourceForge project page
  24. New source repo (2.4 only ATM)
  25. Old source repo (everything else)
  26. Who we are
  27. the details
  28. Download here...
  29. here...
  30. OSI Certified
  31. Free
  32. ddekanyREMOVEME@freemail.hu

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