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Thu Jun 20 07:12:18 2019

Information about: functionalfun.net
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Functionalfun information:

TitleFunctional Fun (view sites with similar title)
Description skip to main | skip to sidebar Samuel Jack's light-hearted take on software development Pages Blog Hire Me Contact Me Simon Squared Friday, 28 September 2012 A quick guide to Registration-Free COM in .Net–and how to Unit Test it A couple of times...
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Twitter @samuel_d_jack
A Christian software guy specialising in .Net development, founder of @TruthVine - a simple sermon sharing service for churches
RT @TruthVine: "The afternoon knows what the morning never dreamed" - Swedish Proverb

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Functionalfun Summary

Functional Fun. skip to main | skip to sidebar.Samuel Jack's light-hearted take on software development.
Pages.Blog.Hire Me.Contact Me.Simon Squared.Friday, 28 September 2012.A quick guide to Registration-Free COM in .Net–and how to Unit Test it.
A couple of times recently I’ve needed to set up a .Net application to use Registration-Free COM, and each time I’ve had to hunt around to recall the details. Further, just this week I needed to write some unit tests that involve instantiating these un-registered COM objects, and that wasn’t straight forward. So, as much for the benefit of my future self as for you, my loyal reader, I’m going to summarise my know-how in quick blog post before it becomes used-to-know-how. What is Registration-Free COM?
If you’re still reading, I’ll assume you know all about COM, Microsoft’s ancient technology for enabling components written in different languages to talk to each other (I wrote a little about it here , with some links to introductory ...

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