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Tue Feb 20 10:42:32 2018

Information about: gailly.net
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TitleJean-loup's home page (view sites with similar title)
Category: Computers / Algorithms / Compression / Researchers
Description Home page of Jean-loup Gailly: data compression (gzip, zip, zlib, fractal compression, FAQ), game of Go, ...
Address http://gailly.net/ Add this site to your favorite list

Gailly - Site Review: Gailly, Jean-loup - Author of gzip, zlib, coauthor of "The Data Compression Book. "

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Gailly Summary

Jean-loup's home page.Version française. Jean-loup's home page.Hi! I'm Jean-loup Gailly. Here are.
some of the things I'm interested in. Data compression. gzip. zip. zlib. fractal image compression.
comp.compression FAQ.Android tips and apps. Android tips to free memory, save. battery life and make your phone more responsive.
Hotspot Connect. Hotspot client for Android.Security.Patents. The game of go. Data compression.
I am the author of gzip , a data compression program.relatively popular on the Internet, designed to replace compress .
Mark Adler.wrote the decompression code. For this work Mark and I received the. Usenix 2009 STUG award.
( video ). See the gzip home page.for gzip sources, executables and frequently asked questions.
If you have a question about gzip , look first for an answer. there . If you don't find the answer,
write to.support @ gzip.org. I have written the compression code of the portable archiver.
zip of the. Info- Zip group. zip and unzip are compatible with the. ...

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702537 2011-12-06

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