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Wed Nov 13 06:32:29 2019

Information about: gizmology.net
Popularity/access rank: Site number 42956 (.net extension); 762068 (global rank)
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TitleThe Gizmologist's Lair (view sites with similar title)
Category: Regional / North America / United States / New York / Counties / Rensselaer / Business and Economy
Description A collection of contraptions and projects that have emerged from my basement workshop. It's amazing what you can make from a pile of junk.
Keywordshomemade, home made, homebrew, home brew, DIY, do-it-yourself, tinkerer, gizmology, gizmologist, tank, model tank
Address http://www.gizmology.net Add this site to your favorite list

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Gizmology Summary

The gizmologist's Lair. The gizmologist's Lair.AKA Center for Research on Things You Shouldn't Try At Home.
giz·mol·o·gy also gis·mol·o·gy n. , pl. giz·mol·o·gies . The scientific study of, or the body of knowledge pertaining to, gizmos.
"Watch out ... he's up to something diabolical." - Bill Scott.
Projects. 1/5 Scale Sherman tank: 1/5 scale Sherman tank! tank Plans are now available!
tank Showroom - folks who are building the tank! Pneumatic Cannon. Metal Casting: Mixing Green Sand.
Making Molds with Green Sand. The Coffee Can Furnace. Melting and Casting Aluminum. Stovetop Metalcasting.
Minilathe and Metalworking: A homemade Surface Gauge. A homemade Drill Press Vise (includes plans)
Minilathe Carriage Lock. Minilathe Lead Screw Hand Wheel. Minilathe Milling Attachment. Minilathe Tachometer.
Minilathe Boring Bar Holder. Minilathe Tailstock Modification. Miscellaneous Projects: Plywood Chair.
375-Watt Coffee Can Stove. Hot Wire Foam Cutter. ...

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762068 2013-05-15
849819 2013-05-01
520235 2012-11-17
689419 2011-12-06
638629 2011-08-13
480263 2010-06-10
565247 2009-05-28
497042 2008-12-23

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  1. 1/5 scale Sherman Tank!
  2. Tank Plans
  3. Tank Showroom
  4. Pneumatic Cannon
  5. Mixing Green Sand
  6. Making Molds with Green Sand
  7. The Coffee Can Furnace
  8. Melting and Casting Aluminum
  9. Stovetop Metalcasting
  10. A Homemade Surface Gauge
  11. A Homemade Drill Press Vise
  12. Minilathe Carriage Lock
  13. Minilathe Lead Screw Hand Wheel
  14. Minilathe Milling Attachment
  15. Minilathe Tachometer
  16. Minilathe Boring Bar Holder
  17. Minilathe Tailstock Modification
  18. Plywood Chair
  19. 375-Watt Coffee Can Stove
  20. Hot Wire Foam Cutter
  21. Building a mixer/tumbler/mill
  22. Motorized Bathtub Boat
  23. 6" Disk Sander
  24. Vernier Watch
  25. Camping Kitchen/Cartop Carrier
  26. Homemade Infrared Night Vision
  27. Play Houses for the Kids
  28. 2"=1' scale (Barbie scale) Doll House
  29. Homebrew Recipies
  30. Homebrew Notes and Tips
  31. How to clean the inside of a carboy
  32. Concise Slide Rules
  33. Hemmi Slide Rules
  34. Keuffel & Esser Slide Rules
  35. Nestler Slide Rules
  36. Pickett Slide Rules
  37. Lawrence/Acu-Math/Sterling Slide Rules
  38. Other Slide Rules
  39. My Own Slide Rules
  40. Manual Attack Computers
  41. Adding Machines
  42. Perrygrafs
  43. Links and Resources
  44. Frequently Asked Questions
  45. British MkV R/C Paintball Tank
  46. Homemade Paintball Gun
  47. How to Make a Decent Sign
  48. Projects I'd Love to Do
  49. Chainmaille
  50. The Gizmologist's Lexicon
  51. Genealogy
  52. Java Applets
  53. Computer Graphics
  54. Requiem for my Lab Assistant
  55. How to Cook a Huge Pizza
  56. The Gingery Lathe
  57. Benchtop Vertical Milling Machine
  58. Equatorial Mount for a Dobsonian Telescope
  59. Tree House
  60. Surplus Center
  61. SmallParts.com
  62. McMaster-Carr Supply
  63. Grainger.com
  64. Phoenix Manufacturing Company
  65. American Science & Surplus
  66. Harbor Freight
  67. Enco
  68. Alumilite
  69. Notes on Drawing a Pentagon with a Compass
  70. Notes on Spur Gears
  71. Notes on Calculating Roots
  72. Notes on Non-Refillable Gas Cylinders
  73. Notes on Change Gear Setup
  74. Notes on Tapers
  75. Notes on "Guestimation"
  76. Notes on Laying Out a Parabola
  77. Notes on Laying Out an Arc Without a Compass
  78. Notes on LEDs
  79. Notes on Stereography
  80. Notes on Bearing Nomenclature
  81. Notes on Continuously Variable Transmissions
  82. Notes on Pulleys and Belts
  83. Notes on Chains and Sprockets
  84. Notes on Motors
  85. Notes on Batteries
  86. Notes on Nuts and Bolts
  87. Notes on Metals
  88. Notes on Fusible Metals
  89. Notes on Tracked Vehicle Transmissions
  90. Notes on Conic Frusta (tapered tubes)
  91. Notes on the Development of Curved Surfaces
  92. Notes on Pipe
  93. Notes on Liquefying Air
  94. Notes on Repeating Decimals
  95. Notes on Rope Power Transmission
  96. Gizmologist's Blender Parts Library
  97. Fundamentals of Engineering Reference Handbook
  98. Lessons in Electric Circuits
  99. A Guide to Filing a Utility Patent
  100. How to drill a Square Hole
  101. An Introduction to Ball Bearings
  102. Notes on Design and Analysis of Machine Elements
  103. Bolt Science
  104. Bearing Technical Information
  105. Copper Tube and Fitting
  106. How to Make Springs
  107. Foundry 101
  108. Anodizing Aluminum
  109. United States Patent Database
  110. Martindale's Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line
  111. Metric Conversions
  112. Animated Engines
  113. Animated Virtual Mechanisms
  114. Animated Clock Escapements
  115. All About Pumps
  116. The Gingery Metalworking Series: Build a Metal Shop from Scrap
  117. Lindsay's Technical Books
  118. Hobbicast
  119. Henley's Twentieth Century Formulas, Recipes, and Processes
  120. How to Draw a Straight Line
  121. Kent's Mechanical Engineer's Pocket-Book
  122. ToolGirl Mag Ruffman
  123. Science Hobbyist
  124. Richard Feynman
  125. Bruce Simpson
  126. Trevor Blackwell
  127. David Hahn
  128. Red Green
  129. Rube Goldberg
  130. W. Heath Robinson
  131. Schlock Mercenary

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