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Sun Feb 25 04:51:34 2018

Information about: globalexchange.org
Popularity/access rank: Site number 14437 (.org extension); 390942 (global rank)
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TitleGlobal Exchange | Building People-to-People Ties (view sites with similar title)
Category: Regional / North America / United States / California / Localities / S / San Francisco / Society and Culture / Activism
Society / Activism / In Daily Life / Money Matters
Society / Politics / News and Media / Progressive and Left / International Affairs
Description Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.
Address http://www.globalexchange.org Add this site to your favorite list
Twitter @GlobalExchange
Global Exchange is a membership-based international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world
#FF @18millionrising @ILRF for their efforts to expose @GapInc's failure to compensate Aswad fire victims. #payup #enddeathtraps
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Globalexchange - Site Review: Global Exchange - Non-profit research, education, and action center headquartered in San Francisco. Attempts to increase global awareness among the U.S. public and build international partnerships. Global Exchange - Shows actions and how to accomplish change on such far ranging issues as curtailing sweatshop practices to improving the environment. Internship program, volunteer work, activism with a purpose. Global Exchange - News, information and analysis from a non-profit research, education, and action center.

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Global Exchange | Building People-to-People Ties. Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.
Read our.Blogs. Get Involved 5 Minute Actions. Stay Informed. Donate Today. Ways to Donate.
Join a Campaign. Attend an Event. Join our Team. Programs People Power not Corporate Power Community Rights.
Corporate Human Rights Violators. Economic Activism for Palestine. Elect Democracy. End Dirty Energy.
Building Positive Alternatives Fair Trade. Green Festivals. Local Clean Energy. Midwest Green Economy.
Peace, Democracy, Human Rights Freedom to Travel - Cuba. Mexico and Human Rights. Stop Funding War.
Reality Tours What is a Reality Tour? Find a Tour. Customized Tours. Reality Tours Blogs.
Custom Tour Portal. Events Find Bay Area Events. Find Global Exchange Events. Find all Events.
Host a Speaker. Speaker Bios. Press Latest Updates. Media Center. GX in the News. E-mail alert archive.
Blog Network. ...

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  2. Read our Blogs
  3. Get Involved
  4. 5 Minute Actions
  5. Stay Informed
  6. Donate Today
  7. Ways to Donate
  8. Join a Campaign
  9. Attend an Event
  10. Join our Team
  11. People Power not Corporate Power
  12. Community Rights
  13. Corporate Human Rights Violators
  14. Economic Activism for Palestine
  15. Elect Democracy
  16. End Dirty Energy
  17. Building Positive Alternatives
  18. Fair Trade
  19. Green Festivals
  20. Local Clean Energy
  21. Midwest Green Economy
  22. Peace, Democracy, Human Rights
  23. Freedom to Travel - Cuba
  24. Mexico and Human Rights
  25. Stop Funding War
  26. Reality Tours
  27. What is a Reality Tour?
  28. Find a Tour
  29. Customized Tours
  30. Reality Tours Blogs
  31. Custom Tour Portal
  32. Find Bay Area Events
  33. Find Global Exchange Events
  34. Find all Events
  35. Host a Speaker
  36. Speaker Bios
  37. Press
  38. Latest Updates
  39. Media Center
  40. GX in the News
  41. E-mail alert archive
  42. Resources
  43. Global Econ 101
  44. Africa
  45. Americas
  46. Asia
  47. Middle East Central Asia
  48. About Us
  49. Our Mission
  50. Our Successes
  51. Our Work
  52. Contact Us
  53. Staff Board
  54. Shop Fair Trade
  55. Facebook
  56. Twitter
  57. YouTube
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  60. RSS
  61. globalexchange: Ask Your Senators to Support Good Jobs in Government Supply Chains via @ILRF http://t.co/PBddezqd
  62. globalexchange: ARTSTRIKE! Stand up against the cuts and say: the Country Isn’t Broke - It’s Being Robbed! http://t.co/qtxuTydo #Artstrike
  63. more
  64. Egyptians Stand Up to President’s Power Grab
  65. Israel’s Lesson to Palestinians: Build More Rockets?
  66. #StopTPP: Protesting the TransPacific “Partnership”
  67. Cuba Needs You to See the Reality
  68. India: Rights of Nature with Dr. Vandana Shiva
  69. Egypt: Hopes for Tomorrow and the Realities of Today
  70. North Korea: Beyond the Bamboo Curtain
  71. Ecuador: New Year's on the Equator
  72. Speaking Event: Ethical Destinations - Vote with Your Wings
  73. Speaking Event: Grassroots Movement Disaster Relief with Rebecca Solnit and Scott Crow
  74. Speaking Event: Afghanistan - What Now?
  75. Speaking Event: Money, Banking and Investing for Transition
  76. Who decides if fracking happens where you live?
  77. US Treasury changes to travel to Cuba regulations
  78. Submit your entry for our 'What About Peace?' contest
  79. Sign the petition to boycott HP products
  80. Sitemap
  81. Privacy Policy

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