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Sun Aug 19 07:00:28 2018

Information about: goodsitesforkids.org
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TitleGood sites for kids! Great education sites for children, parents, and teachers. (view sites with similar title)
Description A collection of great educational sites for kids, children, teachers, and parents. Includes math, science, literacy, social science, nature, health, animals, dinosaurs, insects, lesson plans, education links, and language arts. Homeschool and parents and teachers section also.
KeywordsMLK, Martin Luther King, Teaching Games, Kids games, Learning games, Educational Games, Free Online Kids Games, kids, great sites for kids, good sites for kids, talented and gifted, sports for kids, kids sports, gifted, TAG, Earth Day, earth day, literacy, reading, grammar, education blog, great kid sites, kid sites, childrens sites, good sites, blog, teacher blog, education blog, teachers, Dolch, gifted, great sites, children and education, great kid sites, social studies, children, hotlist, hotlists, blackline masters, good sites, history, geography, technology, maps, good sites for kids, early childhood, childrens literature, great sites, lesson plans, students, educational, education, math, science, elementary, school, biology, language arts, art, literacy, reading, read aloud, astronomy, Rapid City, dinosaurs, nature, music, health, money, download, animals, history, geography, homeschool, unschool, parents, K-12, endangered species, lesson plan, links
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Goodsitesforkids Summary

good sites for kids! Great education sites for children, parents, and teachers. These icons are shortcuts for.
your little ones to click: Welcome, teachers! We have lots of lesson plans for you on our teachers.
parents pages! Our A to Z Index of kid sites. is the largest on the Web! Do you have a favorite site we don't show? Why.
not let us know ? Follow us on Facebook. February. 18th is. Presidents' Day.Click. the image to learn more about Black history Month.
The Rosa Parks links are now in social studies > history with the. mlk links. Shortly there will be a new page on Civil Rights!
Scroll. down past the subject matrix to see our. ever-changing list of. newly added sites!
A-Z Site. List. Added. Sites. Ancient. history. animals. Cams. art. astronomy. Black.
Hills. dinosaurs. & Paleontology. Down- loads. Early. Learning. General, Specialty.
health. Holiday. Games. Home. school. Iditarod. Life. Skills. literacy. mathematics.
music. Portals, hotlists. Read. Alouds. ...

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goodsitesforkids.org is linking to those sites:

  1. Turtle Diary
  2. Cookie! logo
  3. starfall.com logo
  4. ABCYa!
  5. Poisson Rouge logo
  6. BooBah
  7. BooBah 2
  8. Teachers Parents
  9. A to Z Index of Kid Sites
  10. let us know
  11. Facebook logo
  12. Presidents' Day
  13. Black History Month 2013
  14. New Site
  15. Ancient History
  16. Animals
  17. Art for kids
  18. Astronomy
  19. Black Hills
  20. Dinosaurs
  22. Early Learning
  23. Miscellaneous
  24. Health
  25. Homeschool sites
  26. Iditarod
  27. Life Skills sites
  28. Reading and writing
  29. Literacy
  30. Math Sites
  31. Music
  32. Great Ed Portals (The Great Gate at Shuri)
  33. Schoolhouse Icon - School Sites and Hotlists
  34. Sciences & Technology
  35. Social Sciences
  36. Sports for Kids
  37. Technology sites
  38. Ancient Egyptian Scribe
  39. Sir Wm. Blackstone
  40. Challenges
  41. American Presidency Project
  42. State of the Union Index
  43. Penguin Cam
  44. Animal Cams
  45. Ruby Bridges
  46. Grand Canyon Street View
  47. Meteor Crater
  48. Earth Science
  49. wind maps gallery
  50. wind map
  51. NASA Multimedia: Video Gallery
  52. Short video
  53. Longer video
  54. longest video
  55. Math Worksheets Land
  56. Homeschool
  57. Where do I live?
  58. ADA for Kids
  59. United States Black History Month Coloring Pages
  60. Daily Coloring Pages
  61. Four at Once: Volcano Quartet Erupts on Kamchatka
  62. stunning 360 degree steerable video
  63. 10 360 panoramas
  64. Learning Games For Kids
  65. Early Learning/ Early Childhood
  66. General Specialty
  67. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
  68. Tom's TEFL
  69. Judy Collins - "Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" Muppet Show 1977
  70. ESL
  71. Short Stories
  72. Songs
  73. KidsWorld
  74. Minneapolis Institute of Arts
  75. Art
  76. Quizlet
  77. This section
  78. mobile
  79. teachers
  80. Mr. Murray's Virtual Classroom
  81. Animated Biographies
  82. Mr. Nussbaum!
  83. The Story of Banks
  84. Free Chemistry Resources
  85. Chemistry Vocabulary
  86. HERE
  87. Fact Sheets from the American Cetacean Society
  88. How Do Airplanes Fly?
  89. Flight
  90. Fun Flight Facts for Kids
  91. WydeaWonders
  92. Grimm's Fairy Tales
  93. Project Gutenberg
  94. Daily Writing Prompts
  95. The Teacher's Corner
  96. January
  97. Financial Literacy For Kids and Teens!
  98. Sites added in the last 60 days
  99. 1&1 logo
  100. Sites for Teachers link

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