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TitleGuyana News and Information (view sites with similar title)
Category: Regional / South America / Guyana / Society and Culture / History
Description Guyana News and Information is the internet's primary source for news and general information out of the South American country of Guyana. There is also a Discussion Forum hosted on our site and the Original Internet E-mail Directory for all Guyanese.
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URL http://www.guyana.org Add this site to your favorite list
Facebook pages/Guyana-News-and-Information-Discussion-Forums/133907919991200

Guyana - Site Review: Guyana News and Information - General elections results, country map, history of the republic, speeches by the president, and other sections.

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Guyana Summary

guyana News and Information. Double. "B" Exotic Gardens.
Map of guyana. The National Flag.
The Coat of Arms. "At. the point where the caribbean meets south america on its North Atlantic.
seaboard lies an almost unknown, but incredibly wonderful land of. unspoilt beauty, where the virgin rainforest leads to the Amazon Basin.
Where the jungle is still unexplored, rivers uncharted and mountains. yet to be climbed."
Share. Interact. With guyanese! Our. iPhone App Is Now Available!
Directory. of guyanese. Consular. Information.
guyana. embassy, State of Kuwait. Public. Advisory on guyanese Citizenship. Applying. for a New Passport.
Applying. for Passport Renewal. guyana. Consulate (Toronto) guyana. Mission to the UN.
guyana's. Foreign Missions. Visa. Requirements for Entering guyana. guyana. ...

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  1. Our clients include Pegasus Hotel, Hotel Tower, Cara Lodge, the British High Commission, Princess Hotel Guyana and Grand Coastal Inn.
  2. Double "B" Exotic Gardens
  3. Map of Guyana
  4. The National Flag
  5. The Coat of Arms
  6. Share
  7. Our iPhone App Is Now Available!
  8. Guyana Embassy, State of Kuwait
  9. Public Advisory on Guyanese Citizenship
  10. Applying for a New Passport
  11. Guyana Consulate (Toronto)
  12. Guyana Mission to the UN
  13. Guyana's Foreign Missions
  14. Visa Requirements for Entering Guyana
  15. Guyana Immigration Service Visa Application Form
  16. Other Consular Services/Fees
  17. Remigration Information
  18. Application Form
  19. United States Embassy Georgetown Guyana
  20. Budget 2012
  21. MDG Progress Report (Full)
  22. Bank of Guyana
  23. Parliament of Guyana
  24. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  25. Guyana Police Force
  26. Ministry of Agriculture
  27. Ministry of Finance
  28. Ministry of Health
  29. National HIV/AIDS Programme
  30. Ministry of Home Affairs
  31. Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports
  32. Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry
  33. Ministry of Amerindian Affairs
  34. Ministry of Labour, Human Services & Social Security
  35. Environmental Protection Agency
  36. Guyana's Investment Guide
  37. US State Department Report on Human Rights in Guyana - 2011
  38. US Govt. Declassified Files on British Guiana
  39. Latest US Govt. Declassified Files on Guyana
  40. US Declassifed documents on Guyana for 1969 to 1976
  41. Adoption in Guyana
  42. Jagdeo Middle East Mission
  43. Cheddi Jagan Research Centre
  44. Archive of other documents
  45. Proverbs of Guyana
  46. Memories of Guyana
  47. Recipes from Guyana
  48. Central High School, 1948-55
  49. CHS-JCCSS Alumni
  50. St.Stanislaus College Alumni Association - Toronto Chapter
  51. Berbice High School Alumni Association
  52. The Great Fire of 1945
  53. Books by Ambassador Odeen Ishmael
  54. Press Release
  55. Xlibris
  56. Amazon
  57. Barnes and Noble
  58. www.odeenishmael.com
  59. Barnes and Noble
  60. Amazon
  61. Xlibris
  62. News From Guyana
  63. Chronicle
  64. Stabroek News
  65. Guyana Times
  66. Mirror
  67. Kaieteur News
  68. Government Information Agency
  69. Demerarawaves
  70. History of the Republic of Guyana
  71. The Transition of Guyanese Education in the Twentieth Century
  72. Guyana's Western Border.
  73. The Guyana Story
  74. Topics on Guyanese Post-Independence History
  75. From Autocracy to Democracy in Guyana
  76. Guyana-Venezuela Border Issue
  77. The British Guiana-Venezuela Border Dispute Reports From The New-York Times (1887-1904)
  78. Website of the President of Guyana
  79. The Walter Rodney Files
  80. Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Disturbances in British Guiana in February 1962
  81. Report of the British Guiana Constitutional Commission 1954
  82. The Suspension of the British Guiana Constitution - 1953
  83. The British Declassified Files on British Guiana - 1958-1964
  84. The Wismar Report
  85. US Declassified documents on Guyana - 1964-1968
  86. Jagan and Burnham - PPP Leaders in India 1953
  87. The Campaign for Socialism and Democracy in Guyana
  88. Speeches by Ambassador Odeen Ishmael
  89. Biography of Ambassador Odeen Ishmael.
  90. Commentary -- Guyana and Regional Issues
  91. Archive of past commentaries.
  92. Guyanese Community Announcements
  93. Community Profile
  94. The Guyana WWW Handbook
  95. Synopsis of Guyana
  96. A new look at old Georgetown
  97. The Guyana Photo Gallery
  98. Birds of Guyana
  99. Guyana Animals
  100. The Guyana-Suriname Maritime Dispute
  101. Statement by President Bharrat Jagdeo on the international tribunal award
  102. Decision on the Guyana-Suriname Maritime Border
  103. Chinese in Guyana: Their Roots
  104. One Hundred Years with the Jesuits in British Guiana 1857-1957
  105. Muslims in Guyana - The Unification of Sadr Anjuman and The Islamic
  106. History of Muslims in Guyana - Loss of a Language
  107. Guyana: The story of four Moulanas (1937-1968)
  108. The Hindustani Muslim Community of British Guiana and Pakistan-1947
  109. Guyana and The Caribbean News and Information
  110. [Land of Six Peoples]
  111. [Wayne's Guyana Page]
  112. [Guyana Chronicle]
  113. [Mirror Newspaper]
  114. [Guyana Journal]
  115. [Guyana Revenue Authority]
  116. [Explore Guyana]
  117. [Guyana Tourism Authority]
  118. [Wilderness Explorers]
  119. [Rediscover El Dorado]
  120. [Destination Guyana]
  121. [G/town Weather Forecast]
  122. [Splashmins Fun Park and Resort]
  123. [Roraima Airways]
  124. [Cheddi Jagan International Airport : Timehri]
  125. [GEM Magazine]
  126. [Guyana Place Names]
  127. [PNC HomePage]
  128. [PPP/Civic HomePage]
  129. [PPP/Civic Election Website]
  130. [APNU]
  131. [Alliance For Change]
  132. [Guyana Caribbean Politics]
  133. [Guyana Elections Commission]
  134. [Elections 2011 Results]
  135. [Telephone Directory in Guyana]
  136. [SDNP Guyana]
  137. [NCN Television]
  138. [Solutions 2000]
  139. [GuyanaNet]
  140. [GT&T Internet Service]
  141. [Justice for All - CN Sharma]
  142. [Cricket Master Index]
  143. [West Indies Cricket Board]
  144. [Latest Cricket News]
  145. [CGX Energy Inc]
  146. [Guyana Central Arya Samaj]
  147. [WICR - Indo-Caribbean Radio]
  148. [Pepperpot Radio]
  149. [Guyana Then and Now]
  150. [British Guiana British Empire Exhibition, Wembley 1924]
  151. [150 Years of Education In Guyana (1808 - 1957)]
  152. [Guyanese Associations of North America]
  153. [The Jonestown Story]
  154. (1)
  155. (2)
  156. (3)
  157. Please send any comments, suggestions or correspondence
  158. Privacy Policy - Terms of Use

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