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Thu Apr 26 16:20:45 2018

Information about: health.go.ug
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Title-Ministry of Health – Republic of Uganda (view sites with similar title)
Description Ministry of Health Republic of Uganda Home Bids and Tenders Contact us Management Scholarships Structure Job Opportunities Programs AIDS Control Programme Guinea Worm Malaria Control Programme Nutrition TB /Leprosy Uganda Malaria Research Center UNEPI...
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Health Summary

Ministry of Health – Republic of Uganda. Ministry of Health. Republic of Uganda. Home.
Bids and Tenders. Contact us. Management. Scholarships. Structure. Job Opportunities. Programs.
AIDS Control Programme. Guinea Worm. Malaria Control Programme. Nutrition. TB /Leprosy. Uganda Malaria Research Center.
UNEPI. Departments. Finance & Administration. Minister’s Office. PS’s Office. Administration Division.
Accounts Division. Personnel Division. Procurement Unit. Internal Audit. Clinical Services.
Health Infrastructure. Intergrated Curative. Pharmacy Division. Community Health. Oral Health & Hygiene.
Child Health. Disability and Rehabilitation Division. Environmental Health. Health Education and Promotion.
Non Communicable Diseases. Public Health Emergencies Section. Reproductive Health. Vector Borne Disease Control.
Veterinary Public Health. National Disease Control. Epidemiology and Surveillance Division.
Nursing. Planning. Budget and Finance. Human Resource Development. Planning. Policy

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908163 2013-05-15
958317 2013-05-01
835540 2013-04-15

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  1. Ministry of Health
  2. Bids and Tenders
  3. Contact us
  4. Management
  5. Scholarships
  6. Structure
  7. Job Opportunities
  8. Programs
  9. AIDS Control Programme
  10. Guinea Worm
  11. Malaria Control Programme
  12. Nutrition
  13. TB /Leprosy
  14. Uganda Malaria Research Center
  15. UNEPI
  16. Departments
  17. Finance & Administration
  18. Minister’s Office
  19. PS’s Office
  20. Administration Division
  21. Accounts Division
  22. Personnel Division
  23. Procurement Unit
  24. Internal Audit
  25. Clinical Services
  26. Health Infrastructure
  27. Intergrated Curative
  28. Pharmacy Division
  29. Community Health
  30. Oral Health & Hygiene
  31. Child Health
  32. Disability and Rehabilitation Division
  33. Environmental Health
  34. Health Education and Promotion
  35. Non Communicable Diseases
  36. Public Health Emergencies Section
  37. Reproductive Health
  38. Vector Borne Disease Control
  39. Veterinary Public Health
  40. National Disease Control
  41. Epidemiology and Surveillance Division
  42. Nursing
  43. Planning
  44. Budget and Finance
  45. Human Resource Development
  46. Policy Analysis
  47. Resource Centre
  48. Quality Assurance
  49. Projects
  50. DHIS2
  51. Global Fund Project
  52. Institutional Capacity Building Project
  53. SURE
  54. Uganda Health System Strengthening Project (UHSSP)
  55. Publications
  56. Bulletins & Newsletters
  57. e-Library
  58. Policy Documents
  59. Reports
  60. Pharmacy Stock Status Reports
  61. News & Feedback
  62. Press Release
  63. Upcoming Events
  64. Affiliated Institutions
  65. CPHL
  66. Hospitals
  67. National Referal
  68. Regional Referral
  69. General Hospital
  70. National Drug Authority
  71. National Medical Stores
  72. Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Laboratory
  73. Professional Councils
  74. Allied Health Professionals’ Council
  75. Pharmacy Council
  76. Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council
  77. Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council
  78. Uganda AIDS Commission
  79. Uganda Blood Transfusion Services
  80. Uganda National Health Research Organisation
  81. Uganda Virus Research Institute
  82. Links
  83. Health Information Systems
  84. WebMail
  85. HRIS
  86. HMIS/DHIS2
  87. Jop Opportunities
  88. to see the slideshow.
  89. Sitemap

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health.go.ug site information

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